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This page is created to provide a troubleshooting guide for POWL button availability.


In POWL there are two main areas that determine which buttons and dropdown menus are enabled for the user:

  • Customizing
  • Application logic


To check the customizing you first have to identify the used POWL feeder type. Please refer to the following Wiki page that shows how you can do this: How to identify used POWL query 

If the POWL feeder type determined, you can open the customizing using transaction /n/SAPSRM/POWL_CUST. Here search for the determined feeder type, highlight it and choose Actions menu in the Dialog Structure. You will receive the following screen:

Here you can see all the buttons that can be used in case of this feeder type. You can make the button available for the user by ticking flag Enabled. You also have the possibility to set the button availability based on item selection. In this case you have the following options:

  • At least on object has to be selected
  • Ignore selection

Choosing the first option means that the button will only be active if an item is selected in the POWL. The second option means that the button is always active regardless the selection.

It is not possible to customize buttons Print Version and Export using this transaction, because these are not application-specific buttons. The relevant customizing can be set in the Component Configuration of the POWL. You can find further information about how you can change the Component Configuration in Wiki page Changing POWL Configuration

In this customizing setting you have also the possibility to set which dropdown options should be enabled for certain buttons. The access this setting, highlight the Action ID of the relevant button and choose Action Dropdowns in Dialog Structure.

Here you can define the dropdown options and you can also enable them for the user.

Application logic

Besides the customizing the standard application logic can determine and change which buttons are available for the user. This also depends on the used POWL feeder. For example the Copy button is not available in SC POWL for Employee feeders only for Professional feeder as KBA 2439223.

Using the previously mentioned method you can also identify the used POWL feeder class, that looks like this: /SAPSRM/CL_CLL_PWL_* (* - feeder-dependent part, e.g.: A_PO, A_SC, A_CTR). Method HANDLE_ACTION of this class contains the relevant application logic. For more information about this logic, please refer to the following Wiki page: POWL button availability - Debugging Guide

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