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This page is to clarify some topics around the organisational structure.


Basic Data

Under this tab, there are two fields which contain the organization descriptions. You have two fields for the Org unit name.


If You change any of the names in the org structure, this will also update the Business partner. The Name1 and Name2 field content of transaction BP will be updated.


On the Web UI, You will see the business partner data.



You can update the business partner from PPOPMA_BBP
However, it is not possible to update the organisational structure from transaction BP !
You can only edit the business partner data from transaction BP.
Also, the administration from the Web UI will only update the business partner data (transaction BP) but You cannot edit the organisational structure.


Under this tab, each organization must have one address at least, and the details of them are stored in table ADRC.



Under this tab, we can set the functionality such as company, organization or group. Meanwhile you may also assign corresponding backend company/org/grp.


Here, no check will be done for assigned ECC company/organization/group.
Both Event CHECK_PGRP (LBBP_OM_DIALOGF10) and FM BBP_OM_DIALOG_IT5500_UNIQUE have no such check designed.


Under this tab, it contains two parts, Product Responsibility and Organizational Responsibility.  It can only be set at purchasing group level.
For Product Responsibility, we can set specific product categories which can be purchased. They are stored in table HRV5501A. 
For Organizational Responsibility, we can set other organizations here, which means that multiple organizations are assigned for one user.



Under this tab, all standard attributes can be added for users. 

The maintenance for these attributes can be done in table T77OMATTR via t-code sm30. It included default value set, inheritance and multiple value selection, etc.

In order to maintain attribute for specific user under 'User Settings', table BBP_ATTR_ACCESS should be maintained for the attribute id, user role and access rights.

Extended Attribute

Under this tab, it is used to maintain some special attributes, such as PRCAT (product category), WRK (location), LAG (storage location), etc.

You may read all of them with the help of FM BBP_READ_ATTRIBUTES.

Attribute Inheritance

Under this tab, nothing can be maintained. It only listed the inherited attributes.

Attribute Search

For some attributes, you may use F4 help to search all the available values. The function modules used for each attribute are stored in table BBP_ATTR_F4CONF.

However for some specific attributes such as REQUESTER, it is using FM BBP_ATTR_F4_ORG_OBJECTS. However this function module is already obsolete and thus such attributes can't use F4 help search. 


Under this tab, sometimes you will see some error messages listed.

Change Log 

Sometimes, we found some attributes or data under ppoma_bbp are changed without any notification. 
If you would like to record the changes, please activate the change log according to the following KBA:

1617444 - How to activate the log for values changed in PPOMA_BBP to SRM 5.0 

This is applicable for all SRM release, not only for SRM5.0.

Related SAP Notes/KBAs

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1617444 - How to activate the log for values changed in PPOMA_BBP to SRM 5.0