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  • Pre-requisite for Purchase Order Response Creation
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This page is to explain the prerequisite for Purchase Order Response Creation.


You are creating PO response, there are also  prerequisite before the creation.

The settings required for your business scenario

For SUS PO Response

  • For automatic entry of purchase order responses in XML format, you have configured the SAP SRM interface for XML input.
  • Select Output Medium as XML while ordering Purchase Order.

For SRM PO Response

  • Check the Purchase Order Response flag in PO Items
  • Select any Output Medium while ordering Purchase Order.
  • Before creating Response the output should be in ‘Successfully Processed’ status.

Follow-on Document Control in Purchase Order

  •  The purchase order response is closely integrated with the purchase order. You can set a flag in the purchase order indicating whether a purchase order response is expected as a follow-on document.
  • Once you have set the flag, the SAP SRM system expects a purchase order response from the supplier for each outbound purchase order or purchase order change.
  • If you have not set the flag, the SAP SRM system does not expect a purchase order response; but you can still enter one.
  • Since the purchase order response is an optional feature in SAP SRM, you can create confirmations and invoices even when no purchase order response has been received

Roles for Creating PO Response

  • Supplier Role – User can create PO Response as supplier user in SUS system.
  • Purchaser Role – Purchaser can manually create a purchase order response in SRM. As the purchaser, you decide whether POR variations need to be transferred to the PO.
  • Secretary Role - The purchase order response can also be created by a central role of purchasing secretary in SRM. If you as the purchasing secretary enter POR variations, the purchaser must then approve the data transfer to the purchase order.