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This page has been created to provide information about price and condition transfer from SRM PO to ECC PO (extended classic scenario) 


In standard, in case of Extend Classic Scenario, ECC PO should be exact copy of SRM PO, as it is the leading document where all the follow-on documents are created from SRM PO. To meet this basic ECS principle, SRM Pricing item conditions are not transferred to ECC PO. This is because, SRM pricing procedure, calculation schema, conditions definitions and the condition priorities are entirely different from SRM and ECC. Sometimes due to rounding issues in pricing with discounts and/or huge quantity the price in ECC side does not include the discount as in SRM. Therefore, to overcome this rounding limitation, you might need to redo the price determination in ECC system by sending the pricing conditions and gross price.

The LT_COND structure will not be automatically filled in standard. It's necessary to fill the data in LT_COND using BBP_PO_ECS_OUT_BADI, by using BBP_PD_PO_GETDETAIL and transfer the condition structures to ECC. SAP Note 1351194 provides a provision of passing conditions to the structures to pass it to backend. This is only structures that are passed and it's necessary to custom coding to fill these condition tables.

Be informed that 1351194 is a modification note which will guide you to do modification to SRM standard behavior in order to meet you own business requirements. Implement the last version of the note 1351194, 1736487 and 1725428.

  • In table POCOND, you can transfer the item conditions via the BAPI interface.
  • The header conditions are transferred using the POCONDHEADER table.

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