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This area contains information about pricing in SRM.

What is pricing?

The determination of the net price includes the determination of the gross price and possibly a deduction of discounts. For the gross price, there might be several possible sources: Product master, product linkage, catalog, contract and manual entry. If you find several possible prices for a product, it has been defined clearly which price is used at long last. In general, the manual price is used first, before the contract price, the catalog price, the product linkage and then at last the product master. If there are several contracts for a product, you must select a contract via sourcing. In the shopping cart, there is an exception to this priority control: If a price is found for a product, you cannot manually overwrite this price. If there is no price or if there are several possible prices, the price field remains ready for input. However, if there are several contracts (and hence no price has been selected by the system), you can enter a manual price and yet select a contract via sourcing afterwards. In this exception, not the manual price is used but the contract price.

Pricing in general  

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