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Answering the relevant questions for the component SRM-EBP-POR (business process and ABAP coding parts)


Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

  • Is a vendor compulsory for a Purchase Order?

Yes. As the Purchase Order is a legally binding document, a vendor must be assigned.

  • Can every user create a Purchase Order?

No. It can be either created with the purchaser profile (strategic or operational) or
created by the system user (WF-BATCH).

  • How many vendors can be assigned to a Purchase Order?

Only one. However,  you can create more PO-s for the same vendor with different split criteria.

  • How many Purchase Order types exist?

Basically two: material and service. The limit type is also related to services.

  • Can we delete a Purchase Order? As it is legally binding document.

If the status is 'Ordered', the PO cannot be deleted on Header Level, only on the Item Level.
Please check the relevant Wiki site on the SRM Portal (SRM -> Business View -> Purchase Order -> How to delete...) 

  • How can the Extended Classic Scenario be activated?

Have a look at the Handling Extended Classic Scenario in SAP SRM Wiki site.

  • What is the standard behavior of the Vendor Flags?

Have a look at the  PO Vendor Flags Wiki site.

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