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This is the page that explains the Tool that analyze why a Purchase Order cannot be showed to be confirmed.


The purpose of this report is to enable SRM engineers to analyze why a Purchase Order cannot be confirmed by one user because the Purchase Order is not showed in the confirmation creation.

The PO cannot be confirmed because different issues:

-       The SRM and ERP connections are not correctly configured

-       The user is not able to confirm the PO

-       The PO cannot be confirmed because is not ready for confirmations

The review of the different possible causes can be performed manually. The report BBP_CONFIRMATION_ANALYSIS allows an user to analyze a Purchase Order number and an User ID to know the possible issues that produce that the PO is not showed.

The report checks the most common issues that does not permit the PO to be confirmed, checks the System, User and Purchase Order to find wrong configuration, missing authorizations or PO status that does not allow the user to confirm it.

This report is available in note 2161155 and in SP11 for SRM 713.

Starting the report

After starting the report BBP_CONFIRMATION_ANALYSIS in transaction SE38  the Purchase Order number and the User ID are requested as import parameters.

Clicking on execute, the result screen appears like the following:

Sections in detail

System checks

This section shows the System Landscape (table bbp_backend_dest) , check status of RFC connections and also that there is only one Local system:

You can navigate to RFC definition when click on the line.

User checks

This section shows the user checks like:

  • User is correctly defined as SRM user
  • User profile (Purchaser, Employee,..)
  • SYS (system alias) user attributes are correct in PPOMA_BBP depending on the Purchase Order scenario (classic, extended or local)
  • If is an employee, the user is a Recipient or Goods receiver, a substitute or created a Shopping Cart for the PO.

Purchase Order checks

This section check that the Purchase Order is with:

  • Shopping cart created
  • Correct status: transferred, approved, ..
  • Has open items to be confirmed
  • And simulate the standard call to functions BBP_LISTSEL_FOR_*



The output of the report is written in English only

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SAP Note 2161155 (New Confirmation utility tool) include the ABAP code and can be implemented to use this report before a Support Package upgrade.