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  • Relation between 'Delivery Completed Indicator' and PO tolerances when creating Confirmations
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The objective of this page is to explain the relation between Tolerances set on Purchase Order items and the logic that automatically set the flag Delivery Completed Indicator after creating one or more Confirmations in SRM.


Sometimes, when a PO item has been ordered with over delivery tolerances, it is not clear when the Delivery Completed Indicator (final delivery flag) is set automatically. Typical questions are:

Will it be possible to create more Confirmations after reaching ordered quantity but not reaching the over delivery tolerance?

Is it possible to customize automatic set of "Delivery Completed Indicator"?


If user set tolerances for the deliveries related to a Purchase Order, ERP controls the setting of the Delivery Completed indicator.

A customizing in ERP can be maintained in the following section to control in what scenario the DCI is set:

Materials Management

-> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory

   -> Goods Receipt

      -> Set "Delivery Completed" Indicator

In this section, the default logic on setting the "Delivery Completed Indicator" can be set for each plant of company landscape.

Activating this flag means that the system automatically suggests the inward delivery completed indicator for goods receipts if the delivered quantity lies within the over delivery tolerance.

Case Study


Purchaser creates a Purchase Order for 100 units of one item to be delivered to Plant 4000.

Purchase Order item has been ordered with over-delivery tolerance of the 5%.

a) If flag is NOT set for plant 4000, “Delivery Completed Indicator” will be set when delivered quantity reaches the tolerance.

In other words, recipient will be able to create as many Confirmations as he/she wants until confirmed quantity reaches 105 units. Once 105 units have been delivered, "Delivery Completed Indicator"· will be set automatically and no further Confirmations will be allowed.

b) If flag is set for plant 4000, “Delivery Completed Indicator” will be set as soon as the total delivered quantity reaches or passes the ordered quantity.

In other words, recipient can create Confirmations until confirmed quantity passes 100 units but remains below the tolerance. If confirmed quantity is less than 105, "Delivery Completed Indicator"· will be set automatically and no further Confirmations will be allowed.

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