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This page was created to provide information about Remote POWL.


Remote POWL allows the access of data from both ERP and SRM within the same POWL. The Operational Purchaser and Strategic Purchaser roles in SRM 7.0+ provide the user access to this harmonized POWL. 


  • For Remote POWL it is necessary to set flag BS_CONNECTED (corresponds to Integrated UI in the Maintenance View). To avoid any errors, set this flag only for ECC systems.
  • Check the transaction POWL_TYPE in the connected ECC system to ensure the relevant Feeder Type exists there. Most of the feeder types used here in SRM scenario are FEEDER_PO* and FEEDER_PR*.
  • The user accessing the POWL should exist in both the SRM and ERP systems and it should have authorization to display the relevant document types (Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order etc.)

Debugging Remote POWL

The Remote POWL is accessed from the class /SAPSRM/CL_CLL_POWL_BASE_CROSS.

Method GET_OBJECTS_REMOTE is used to retrieve the POWL result set from the relevant ERP feeders.


In this FM, system gathers the ECC documents using Method GET_OBJECTS of the relevant Feeder.

The found result is converted in XML format.

Then data is retrieved in XML format in SRM and it is interpreted in the Methods deserialize_xml2rtti and deserialzie_xml2data returning the Function Module POWLR_MULTI_COLLECT_OBJECTS.

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