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This page provides an overview of Return Delivery process and clarify steps which are in line with standard design.


The Return Delivery indicates, that the goods are transferred back to the vendor (so here was physical movement). You can return either all items of a confirmation, or only a part of it.
Please note, that service / limit confirmation can not be returned (it is not logical to return a service), only cancellation is possible.

Return delivery (in Classic and Extended Classic Scenario) is allowed, even if an invoice is created for the confirmation, and GR_BASEDIV flag is set in the PO, but a credit memo is then expected.

Partial Return Delivery

  1. Search for Confirmation on POWL 
  2. Then select any line of Confirmation and click on button Return Delivery:
  3. All line item appears on Return Delivery screen, not only the selected one:
  4. Return Quantity needs to be filled in case of items which need to be returned:
  5. Only Material 2 has been returned:
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