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This article is to help you to resolve the backend error ME 458 when change SRM PO

What is the problem When editing an SRM PO which already has follow on documents , you are getting a Back End Error ME458 'Account assignment cannot be changed after goods or invoice receipt'.

Reproducing Steps

  1. Create SRM PO and transfer it to ECC.
  2. Create Confirmation(CGS) , Goods Receipt (GR) or Invoice (IR/IV) for the PO.
  3. Edit the PO in SRM, and change some fields like quantity or price.
  4. Check the PO.
  5. You are getting the error : Back End Error Account assignment cannot be changed after goods or invoice receipt (ME 458) Resolution


  1. You changed acc related data

    If you are changing some account information after GR/IR posted you must set T163K-KNTAE to "X" in customizing for AAC = "K".  

    Log on ECC system

    -> T-code OME9   

    -> Account assignment category

    -> Set flag 'Acct.assignment Changeable'

  2. You did not change anything about ACC
    If you are not changing account information after GR/IR posted. Please check if the following notes are applied correctly in both SRM and ECC systems:
    ECC side:
    1748577 - BAPI: BAPI_PO_CHANGE does not allow changes after GR
    1820019 - BAPI: Amount unchangeable after follow on documents
    1861573 - Error ME458 when changing PO with multiple account
    1867154 - ME458 error while trying to change SRM purchase order
    1909619 - BAPI: Additional fields not changeable after PO history
    1963020 - Accounting change using BAPI resulted in error and success message
    SRM side:
    1842104 - Unable to edit the purchase order due to accounting error
    1909310 - Purchase order number is not available in BADI
    1903771 - Purchase order number is not available in BADI

How to correct the existing document

If you have applied all the notes and do not have any error for the newly created documents. Please change the MM customizing in Solution 1 for a while and re-transfer the problematic POs . After the PO is posted correctly in MM, the please change the customizing back.