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This page provides information on how to create Purchase Orders manually , without reference to Shopping Carts. As opposed to the Shopping Cart, Purchase Order is an external and legally binding document. Therefore please always consider processing Orders without reference in a production environment.


This page includes FAQ, common errors and debug tips for PO manual creation.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to create a Purchase Order without Shopping Cart?
    Yes, if the user has the necessary authorizations, the Purchase Order can be created without Shopping Cart reference.
  2. What types of PO can be created without SC?
    - Extended classic PO
    - Material / Service / Limit PO
  3. What are the required fields for PO creation?
    Purchasing Organization
    Purchasing Group
    Account assignment details - exc. direct PO for stock
    At least one item or limit: - description - price - product category - quantity - UoM
  4. What are the most important Troubleshooting points when creating a Purchase Order without Shopping Cart? 
    - Do you face any error in the SRM Purchase order? => Click on „Check” button on the PO .
    - Do you have an SRM error or a Backend error? =>
    If backend error, please check your ECC MM PO and related MM settings.
    Please check if you could find the cause of the error by creating BAPI_PO_CREATE1/BAPI_PO_CHANGE test data  (see also the Wiki page: Creating test data for ECC backend purchasing documents).
    Please run the test data and check the error in the return table.
    - Do you have any Change version open for the PO? => Check in BBP_PD „Versions” tab.
    - Is the Purchase Order already ordered and sent out to the Vendor? => Header deletion is not possible anymore if it is already output to vendor;
    - In case of ECS: is the Purchase Order correctly transferred in ECC? => Check in ECC; 
    - Is the CLEAN_REQREQ_UP scheduled to update the PO? 
    - Do you have DOC CHANGE BADI or DOC CHECK BADI active? Do you face the same issue when turning them off?

Common errors


The user is adding or editing an item in a PO and wants to change the Product Type field after it was selected for the first time. However the field is disabled.

Solution: The product type field have influence to the whole content of the item, so this is why the field is not changeable. The workaround for this situation, in case a change is necessary, would be to delete the item and add it again with the correct Product Type. This would be for situations in which the PO has not been ordered yet, or sent to the vendor. If the PO was already ordered, such change would not be necessary. Also check the KBA:

2069468 - Product Type not editable in Purchase Order.


In Extended Classic Scenario, a Purchase Order can be created without any reference to a Shopping cart. This should not be possible due to security reasons. In the transaction PFCG - Role Maintenance - the user has a Purchaser Authorization containing the value '01' for the object "SRM: Process Purchase Orders".

Solution: Restrict the user authorization by maintaining the '01' value in the "SRM: Process Purchase Orders" object in PFCG. For more details check the KBA:

2062306 - Purchase Order can be created without Shopping cart reference

Debugging tips

  • Class /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_PO_STAT_HELPER method /SAPSRM/IF_PDO_STATIC_HELPER~GET_PROCESS_TYPES reads the process types from SPRO and the user attribute DC_PROC_TY from ppoma_bbp.
  • Function module BBP_PDH_CONTROL_OF_EXTENDED_PO checks whether the extended classic scenario (SPRO table bbp_extpo_gl) is active; BBP_EXTLOCALPO_BADI is called in case customer own logic is implemented.
  • Class /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_BO_PO method CREATE_NEW_INSTANCE reads the important user attributes from ppoma_bbp for PO creation Class /SAPSRM/CL_CH_WD_IDEN_MAP_PO method /SAPSRM/IF_CLL_IDENT_MAPPER~HANDLE_EVENT is a central point for entry in case any check/save etc. action within the document is triggered.

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SAP KBA: 2069468 - Product Type not editable in Purchase Order.

 SAP KBA: 2062306 - Purchase Order can be created without Shopping cart reference