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You create invoices in ECC for a service purchase order. Even though you can see that you have "Invoiced Quantity" and "Invoiced Value" for this document, there are no invoices in the history list.



When a service PO is transfered to ERP, the service items are bundled in a single item in ERP PO, i.e., SRM PO with several items become a ERP PO with a single item and several services. Which means, several SRM PO items are mapped to a single ERP PO item several Service sublines.

You have two possibilities when you create a invoice in ECC, determined by the PO flag Service Based Invoice:

  • if the flag is unchecked, invoice is related to the PO item and its several service items. This is called Collective Invoice
  • if the flag is checked, invoice is related to each service item individualy. This is called Individual Invoice

If you have a collective invoice, the invoices are created for a specific PO item with several services, and this invoice is a reference to all the bundle of services below the PO item. SRM can't make a difference on which invoice belongs to which item. This is the standard behavior for this scenario.


1) To use an Individual Invoice, i.e, an invoice with reference to a single service item, the Purchase Order must have the "Service Based Invoice" checked. In this case, every invoice has the direct reference to that service, and the value will be taken correctly from ERP by SRM history.

Please note that this flag is not available in SRM POs. If you want it to be flaged in ERP PO, you have to set this in ECC Vendor Master data. Check the flag Srv.-Based Inv. Ver. in trx MK02 or XK02.

2)Other possibility to have the correct invoice history shown in SRM is to activate the funcionality of Service Bundling. After these notes are applied and Service Bundling Flag is active, when a Service Purchase Order is transferd from SRM to ERP, each SRM PO. Implement the following notes:

  • SAP Note 1743852 SRM Enablement- Service bundling
  • SAP Note 1742388 Undelete not available for deleted items in PO
  • SAP Note 1771547 SRM_Service bundling Interface note
  • SAP Note 1730712 Undelete button inactive for deleted items in PO
  • SAP Note 1770653 Deleted service items not transferred to ERP
  • SAP Note 1881416 Unlimited indicator not set for PO's with Service Bundling

They contain the implementation for this new functionality and known corrections necessary after the implementation. Note that even after implementing the notes, you have to activate the business function SRM_CI_1 in trx SFW5.

3) Please also ensure the note below is applied :

  • SAP Note 2061453  History: Invoices not displayed
  • SAP Note 2044131  History: No link to backend documents in 'Related Documents'


See Also

  • SAP Note 1476779 Backend invoice details not displayed for service PO
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