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This article is to explain a common issue and troubleshooting steps, when you create a change version of the PO.

What is the problem

  1. Created PO  and ordered PO.
  2. Changed the PO in edit mode and order.
  3. Open the PO again from POWL ,the changed data is not displayed.

Trouble Shooting

Open the PO in BBP_PD.

1, Is the change reflected in the active version?

2, Check the PO if there is a change version?  Is the change version closed?


GUID                                                                             Type No.       Closed

0050569183B51EE4BBDB53BC1926C26A                 2

0050569183B51EE4BBDB55B54C66C26A  C            C1

FA163E8C355C1EE4BBDB54FBC7FDF83A  H          1


3, If not closed, is there any error , or workflow issue in the change version?

Workflow Item:

Workitem-ID        000001896650

Task                    WS40000014

Text                    SRM Approval Process for Document ID 8191118839

Status                 STARTED


Date                   30.04.2015

Time                   04:04:45


1, Check if deactivate BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI. BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI can help to resolve the issue.

2, Correct the error first in the held change version, if there is any.

3, Complete the workflow of the change version.

4, If there is an error in approval, please debug the error with the following steps:

1)      Set breakpoint in BBP_PD_MSG_ADD

2)      Use transaction SWO1:


Object/Interface Type     BUS2201

Choose "Test"

Choose "Instance"

Enter the open change version guid and choose "Continue (enter)"

Select method "SETRELEASED" and choose "Execute method"

Choose "Execute"


Debug and Check that the PO has now been updated correctly.