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This page has the purpose of help to clarify some doubts related to the behavior of the Flag GR_BASEDIV in SRM and ECC system. 


The flag GR_BASEDIV has different behavior when comparing SRM to ECC. The Master Data has important influence in this case. Here it is found a brief explanation how this flag should behaves in a PO transferred to ECC side. 


If SRM PO has no GR, the GR based IV indicator change with the vendor master. On the other hand, ECC PO even though there is no GR, the GR based IV stay the same no matter what in the vendor master record.

In ECC, the GR based IV ultimately control on the PO by PO basis. Whereas, in the SRM the GR based IV indicator control by the vendor if there is no GR on that PO yet. If there is GR, then the indicator stays the same.

It could be handling by BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI, however there is some restriction as we can see by note 1260486 - BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI: vendor and follow-on document flags

BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI can be used for follow-on document update only under following pre-requisites:

    o  No follow-on documents exist for the PO.

    o  No vendor is assigned to the PO (partner function: 0000019). Cause: RZ20 errors during PO transfer should be avoided caused by PO resp. vendor master follow-on document flags probably not being in synch with MM vendor master (XK03) or other Backend settings (e.g. OME9).

If the above pre-requisites are fulfilled follow-on document flag changes must be realized using Badi BBP_ECS_PO_OUT_BADI instead with effect to MM PO only.

In the ECC the flag is propose from vendor master, but the user can change it. In the SRM is not the same behavior once GR and IV flags are set to vendor. It is not possible to change according to the note: 1010791 - Flag Confirmation based Invoice Verification set erroneous. This note explains that when there is no flag set in the Master data, it is possible set what user wants in the PO:

In the material PO, the follow-on document related flags come from the supplier master record, at the purchase organization level. The related supplier master data is saved in the table BBPM_BUT_FRG0061. If in vendor master all these flags are not set, then from UI when buyer can set flags. If GR_IV and IR_IV flags are set, then GR_BASEDIV is automatically set. This is the standard system behavior. The buyer cannot change GR_BASEDIV from UI in this case.

Cutting it short, we have:

A) It is not possible manage the flags even using Badi, according to note: 1260486 - BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI: vendor and follow-on document flags;

B) The Flags come from Master Data (tcode BBPMAININT as example on SRM side);

C) According to note: 1010791 - Flag Confirmation based Invoice Verification set erroneous , if you unflag the GR_BASEDIV, but keep the others flags GR_IV and IR_IV, so the flag GR_BASEDIV will be flag again after check button.

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