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This page is designed to provide an insight into the substitute functionality in the SRM program. 


The page provides the configuration needed to set up the substitution and also provides information about its usage. 


With the substitution functionality, an approver user can assign other users as a substitute. These substitute users will be able to carry out decision for workitems, they were not responsible before the substitution rule was set. There are two types of the substitution:

Active substitution - Receive my tasks 

If the active substitution - "Receive my tasks" is configured, the work items belonging to the absent person are automatically assigned to the substitutes inbox (in addition to his/her own work items). The active substitute will receive all the work items which the main approver receives without the need of any action from her/his side. He/she will constantly be updated about main approver processes.

This type of substitution shall be used in case of planned absence (e.g: vacation). 

Passive substitution - Fill in for me 

By using the passive substitution - "Fill in for me" the substitute user must explicitly assume the substitution (she/he needs to be notified about)  and can only view the items of the absent person in this mode. After the substitute has been set to take over the process, he/she will need to check the inbox of the substituted approver, because he/she acts passively, and he will not receive the work items of the main approver. This type of substitution can ensure the continues approval processes in the system even in case of not planned absence (e.g: illness). 

Checking the set substitution in the GUI

The configured substitution rules can be seen in the HRUS_D2 table. This contains every information about the substitution. 

The ACTIVE column determines if the substitution set is an active or a passive substitution. If a row contains an X, it will be active, if it is not, then it will be a passive substitution. 

Configuration and usage 

Every approver user can initiate the configuration of the substitution. The following video KBA provides a walkthrough of the configuration and a user guide of the functionality: 

2535302 - Configuration and usage of the substitute functionality [Video]

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