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Table of contents:

What is team purchasing?

The function of Team purchasing was added with SRM 7.0. Within Team Purchasing the team members can take over shopping carts of others and process them. Former when an employee was on vacation or left the company, nobody else (beside of the administrator) could process his SCs. Now with the Team purchasing the users can define substitutes themselves, who are able to take over their SCs. The substitution authority can be also inherited, so for example when Purchaser2 is a substitute for Purchaser1, and Purchaser3 is a substitute of Purchser2, then Purchaser3 can also take over the SC from Purchaser1.


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SPRO Menu      > > >

BUS2121      > > >

SHC Details      > > >

Dropdown / Flag

In the Team Purchasing dropdown menu you have the options:

  • No team purchasing (no "Team Cart" button appears for the user)
  • Admin only ("Team Cart" button only for the administrator)
  • Admin and all users

The flag Cross-Organizational defines whether cross organizational substitution is possible.

For external requirements, there is no option for team carts, only for the SCs which were created in the SRM system!

How to set an SC to team SC?

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Depending on the customizing settings above, either the administrator or also the normal employee can set an SC as a team cart:

Monitor SC (Admin user)

Wizard (Employee user)

One Screen (Purchaser user)

When we say No Team Purchasing in the customizing, the check box Team Cart is totally disabled, and there is no option for setting the flag Team Cart.
Only the members of the "team" can take over the Team Carts. Each user can define himself as a substitute team. This can be done in the Personalization menu.
If there is no available substitute for the purchaser the Team Shopping Cart option will not be displayed.

Personalization      > > >

User settings      > > >

User account (by normal user)

or at New user creation (by Administrator)

  • In the user account can be checked (and also changed) the members of the team who are allowed to shop for the user, and also checked the group of persons who are able to shop the user for. If the time period of the substitution is expired, the team shopping doesn't work for the substitute any more.
  • Only admin user can add additional substitutes for all of the users.

How process the team carts?


  • In the POWL the creator of the SC can control the Team Carts by the flag Show my team carts:
  • The team members can control this carts with the query Team Cart:

Take over

  • If Purchaser3 is a substitute for Purchaser1, he can see his SCs within the query "Team Cart" and with the "Take over" button assigned to him
    the Team Cart button will come only for Team SC with Header status 'Saved'= 'I1010' or 'Held',
  • By implementing the SAP Note: 2444265 - Extended Team Purchasing functionality (Improvement note) and activating the functionality in the SPRO
    the substitute can "Take over" the cart in status Awaiting Approval = I1015. 
  • Via this action the SC will be changed (the workflow and the partner type requestor) to the new user.
  • The new purchaser will be able to edit an SC that status is I1015  once the switch SRM_702_EXTENDED_TP_FUNCTIONALITY is active. 
  • In UIA screen the EDIT button might not be available, in that case, implement SAP Note 2383161 and 2906196 


  • In "normal case" only the owner (requestor), the vendor and the central goods recipient can book the confirmation for an SC. Now also the substitute. A new query was created also for the confirmation "Confirmation team carts":

User (re)moved from the org structure

  • When the User is on vacation or changed the organization without marking the SCs as a Team Cart (and in the customizing the Cross-Organizational Team purchasing not allowed), the administrator has the option to mark his carts as a Team Cart, and the members of the.
  • When the user (requestor) is deleted, his SCs are not shown any more!!! Before deleting the user (should not happen with active documents), a substitute has to be defined.

Coding samples (Analyzing, debugging, BAdI implementation...)

Default value:

Every new shopping cart created with the team purchasing flag is unchecked in the standard behaviour.

This caused by the coding of:


You can only change this behavior with the DOC_CHANGE_BADI if the following Note is implemented in your system:
2329030 - Purchteam flag SRM UI Addon overwritten in create modus
Because the ls_header-purchteam field will be no longer changed back to STANDARD after the BADI call.

New tables added for the Team Purchasing:

  • SE16: Table /SAPSRM/SC_TP
    Field name: PURCHTEAM, value is TEAMCART.
    This table consists the substitutes, the reverse substitutes and the period of the substitution.
    BBP_PDHGP-PURCHTEAM = TEMCART (can be checked in the transaction BBP_PD on the header level) means that the SC is Marked as a team cart.


    • Methods


      Determine if action TEAM CART is allowed or not


      Add a substitute for a user




      Checking the User in Cross Organization


      Clear Org info for User


      Remove substitute of a user


      Reading the customizing


      Get all substitutes of a user


      Get all members that have maintained a user as substitute


      Org info for User

      IS_VALID_USER Check

      if user is a valid BBP user

  • Class /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_BO_SC (Shopping Cart BO)
    • Method /SAPSRM/IF_PDO_BO_SC PDO (Shopping Cart Interface)


      After taking over the entire SC has to be redetermined, the requestor is changed, the actual data will be overridden


      Showing the button: take over is allowed or not


      Toggling the team purchasing data

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