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This article is to provide a check list when trouble shooting for PO items created from Catalog.


Checklist and debug tips when you have catalog issues in PO creation.

Checklist for checking the Catalog return

1. Was the catalog call successful? You might check the catalog call with the help of an HTTP Watch trace. The HTTP Watch is a tool used to monitor HTTP information in your browser. You can obtain a free version of it on:

Start the browser, start the HTTP Watch, click on 'Record' button, and reproduce the issue. On finish, 'Save' the contents of HTTP Watch as a .hwl file (Please note: Exporting as CSV or XML is not so helpful, so please use the default save option). Please start the recording of HTTP Watch Traced before launching the catalog and stop the recording once you finish the call (or get the error).

Analyze the POST data of the HTTP Watch trace to see what data were sent by the catalog. You can find the catalog item data under the structure NEW_ITEM*.

2. Do you have a BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER implementation? The BAdI is called from the Function BBP_WS_IMPORT_SC_DATA. Place your breakpoint in the BAdI-call...
CALL METHOD lo_catalog_transfer->enrich_item_data
...and observe what data are received.

3. The Purchase Order logic receives the catalog data in the method ADD_ITEMS_FROM_CATALOG in class /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_BO_PO. In case the data received from the Function BBP_WS_IMPORT_SC_DATA are correct, the PO item will be created accordingly. Further modifications are possible through the BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI.

SRM-MDM Catalog version compatibility

If your are using SRM-MDM catalog, the first steps are always to check whether if the versions are matching. This will resolve most of the problems.

Checking the compatibility of your applications

Find the latest release note according to your SRM-MDM Support Package (SP) and open this note.

You will find in the note the SRM-MDM Catalog SP and Patch as well as the MDM Server SP. The version of MDM Java API should be the same as MDM Server since they are distributed together, as part of the same release.

How to find your SRM-MDM Catalog and the related MDM product versions 

The application SRM-MDM Catalog is dependent on other two main applications or components, which are MDM Server and MDM Java API.

For MDM server : please follow the steps below:

1) Open the SRM MDM utilities:


2) Choose "Connection Test"

3) Provide the host name or IP of your MDM server (MDM server)

4) Click on "Start Testing" button


For SRM-MDM Catalog  and MDM Java API  please  find the component Information file from http://<J2EE_SERVER>:PORT/monitoring/ComponentInfo


For more information visit the SRM-MDM Catalog version compatibility Wiki site.

Debug Tips

Class Interface      /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_BO_PO

Method   add_items_from_catalog




Function module      BBP_WS_IMPORT_SC_DATA   (OCI mapping)

Function module      BBP_PDPRC_CATPRICE_INTO_PRIDOC (Pricing relate SRM-EBP-CA-PRC)



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