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This page is to explain what to do in case of unwanted records appear in the table BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB.


BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB is an SRM table with the aim to update SRM documents with relevant follow-on document entries. The table entries are initiated by the report BBP_PO_INIT_NOTIFY_FOLLOWON in the SRM system. The report creates AV (actual value) entries in the table. However due to certain technical issues, these entries might be stuck or not needed anymore.

Technical process of record deletion

Only undesired entries should be processed for deletion. You can do this with a report provided by SAP in SAP Note 535765 - "Too many entries in BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB".
Use the report ZZ_CLEAN_BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB attached to that Note in order to delete only the inconsistent AV entries.

As given in the Note 535765, deleting relevant entries from the BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB may cause severe problems, as the system needs the entries to set the right status to shopping carts, invoices and confirmations. So please be careful with the deletion of entries. Always use selection criteria and/or run first with Test-Flag = X to see what will be deleted.

Other troubleshooting steps

In case the issue is not - or not entirely - solved, please check your back-end ECC transaction SMQ1 whether there is any blocked queue towards your SRM system. Please also check on ECC-side in transaction FIBF whether the entry "SRMNTY" is available or no to automatically update the documents. See KBA 1934728 for more information.

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