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  • What is the purchase order response
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This is to explain the definition of the Po response and how to create a response.



  • SRM Server offers the possibility to work with purchase order responses. This means a vendor will be able to inform you about his or her acceptance and delivery status of your purchase order.
  • Usually, the vendor creates the purchase order response within Supplier Self-Services, or sends you that information as an XML document. The system shows all purchase order responses in the corresponding query. There are separate queries, depending on the document status, such as Partly Confirmed, Rejected, and so on. As a purchaser, you can also create purchase order responses manually.

How it works:

Purchase Order Response (POR) is a document  which records the acknowledgement from the vendor.
Vendor can accept / reject / partially reject the purchase order. He can send the actual Delivery schedule.
Based on the acknowledgement from the vendor, the purchaser can accept the purchase order response or reject the purchase order response. Workflow approval has to be maintained to achieve this.

When a purchaser accepts a purchase order response, the delivery schedule, quantity and price quoted by the vendor in purchase Order response would be copied to purchase order.

Process of PO response: