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The analysis tool for workflow customizing is released. Read the following page for details:

Workflow customizing analysis tool


The following document describes the workflow of SAP SRM. Check the following sections for detailed information:

Workflow Tools

Application Controlled Workflow

This refers to the SAP SRM approval workflows, based on SAP Business Workflow, used in releases SAP SRM 5.0 and earlier. With this framework, the  application is in control over the SAP Business Workflow templates.

Process-controlled workflow

Process Controlled Workflow was introduced in release SAP SRM 6.0. With this framework, the configured process is in control over the process flow, and not the application itself.

Process-controlled workflows were introduced in SAP SRM 6.0 to replace application-controlled workflows. The newer framework is more robust, more flexible, and more transparent than the older one. Other improvements with Process Controlled Workflows are that they are easier to maintain and support, they are less sensitive to errors, and they are lighter to configure.

Using the Application Controlled Workflow framework is only intended in case if upgrading from release SAP SRM 5.0 or earlier.

Universal Worklist / NWBC Work Overview

Two types of inbox can be used to process a workitem in web application. The Portal has the Universal Worklist (UWL) application, the NWBC the Inbox. They are working similarly, but there are different features.

Offline Approval

Approvers of business documents can process work items without logging on to the SAP SRM system. The system can send work items by e-mail so that users can process them in their email client application.

Events and Alert Management

The Alert Management function allows to monitor business processes in SAP SRM system. If events cause changes, the system evaluates them and triggers alerts, messages, or tasks to inform the responsible employees, who can then react quickly and directly.

Troubleshooting Guide

Visit the SRM Workflow troubleshooting Guide page to find solutions for frequent problems:

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