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The purpose of this document is to introduce basic functionalities in Workload Redistribution.


Workload Redistribution is part of Strategic Purchasing in SRM. This page shows the possibilities when you would like to redistribute a Purchasing Document.

Basic Functionalities of Workload Redistribution

You can use this business process to allow a manager to transfer workload from one purchaser to another, based upon workload or personal availability. Based on Document type and Status system provides those documents in search result that are matching the search criteria.

Following Document types can be selected:

  • Requirement,
  • Purchase Order,
  • RFX,
  • Contract.

For more detailed debugging hints regarding the search result selection based on search criteria, refer SCN Wiki page:
Searching for requirements within the Workload Redistribution - Debug Hints.

The main functionality of Workload Redistribution is to select new Purchasing Organization and Purchasing Group for the Purchasing Document. It can be done by filling the input fields of Assign To. 

Using Workload Redistribution it is not possible to forward the document to a specific person, only to a Purchasing Group.


There are two possible statuses for each Purchasing Document: ’In Process’ and 'Completed'.

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