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This page describes what you can do if you had working maps which have now stopped working.

BE AWARE: MapQuest is not a suitable Map Provider anymore!


SAP Visual Business supports many map providers. The application developer and/or customer can select the most suitable provider for their purposes. SAP Visual Business does not recommend a particular provider.

Until recently, a configuration to the MapQuest Map Tile Server was given as a free and usable configuration sample inside of VB. This was convenient because MapQuest provided a free and open service. Any application using the Visual Business ActiveX or UI5 component would have maps available immediately. To define open: these maps were supplied by a MapQuest tile-server, which did not require any key or token for use.

This has now changed. Modernization of MapQuest results in changes to direct tile access | MapQuest Dev Blog

MapQuest no longer provides this open service. Essentially – the default MapQuest URLs will no longer return maps. This means that developers embedding the Visual Business component will need to change the default Map Provider setup or else they will not see any maps. As MapQuest also discontinued their direct access API to the Tile Server and only allows native usage of their data in either Mobile or MapQuest Plugin in their "FREE" plan (Static Map API is not supported by SAP Visual Business) So this comes with two major consequences:

  1. There is no longer a free map provider to work with visual business in production.
  2. A production customer will need a contract with a map provider, either provided as part of the application or independently purchased by the end customer.

If you have a live application where customers were using the free MapQuest APIs that no longer work, then you need to decide how you want to arrange the replacement Map provider.

We cover two scenarios:

(a) HCP or HANA UI5 applications
(b) Netweaver based Applications

HCP, UI5 or HANA based applications

The statement we made here earlier "Any Applications on HCP or HANA are entitled to use HERE maps at no further cost, up to a certain threshold" seems not valid after further investigation.

There is a existing contract for customers who have a existing HANA Spatial license to consume Map for display purposes from HERE Maps at no further cost, up to a certain threshold. This may be the best option for such applications. Please go to SMP and under Downloads look for the HANA Spatial Map Client. Are we there yet? Installing the Spatial Map Client for SPS09 After you deployed the DU you can use the below configuration for Visual Business to point to your newly deployed XS service!

You or your customer can use another commercial map providers if you prefer, of course. In such a case it is up to the application developer or the end customer to arrange the map provider contract and configure it to work with Visual Business.

The rest of this section assumes you are going to use the example of HERE maps with your application.

If you have access to your UI5 coding, you can just enter this snippet and you need only to replace the YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_APP_CODE.

The coordinates in curly braces will be replaced by the GeoMap during runtime


<mvc:View xmlns:vbm="sap.ui.vbm" xmlns:html="" xmlns:mvc="sap.ui.core.mvc" xmlns="sap.m" controllerName="YOUR_CONTROLLER_NAME">
<Page title="Geomap Example">
<vbm:GeoMap id="GeoMap" width="100%" height="100%" />
var oGeoMap = this.getView().byId("GeoMap");
var oMapConfig = {
"MapProvider": [{
"name": "HEREMAPS",
"type": "",
"description": "",
"tileX": "256",
"tileY": "256",
"maxLOD": "20",
"copyright": "Tiles Courtesy of HERE Maps",
"Source": [{
"id": "s1",
"url": "{LOD}/{X}/{Y}/256/png8?app_id=YOUR_APP_ID&app_code=YOUR_APP_CODE"
}, {
"id": "s2",
"url": "{LOD}/{X}/{Y}/256/png8?app_id=YOUR_APP_ID&app_code=YOUR_APP_CODE"
"MapLayerStacks": [{
"name": "DEFAULT",
"MapLayer": {
"name": "layer1",
"refMapProvider": "HEREMAPS",
"opacity": "1.0",
"colBkgnd": "RGB(255,255,255)"


Netweaver Applications, not on HANA

Your end customer needs to decide which map provider to use, and obtain a license from that map provider

Visual Business supports many map providers.

To access the maps inside SAP a map provider has to fullfil these two requirements:

  •  A XYZ or quadkey interface has to be supported. This is the standard interface for map tiles.
  •  The maps tiles can be retrieved by a REST web service.

Providers include Bing, HERE (formerly Nokia), ALK, PTV and others. All have web sites enabling purchase of contracts.

Either purchase a commercial contract or set up a trial contract. In either case you will receive a set of keys / tokens to use in your API calls to the provider.

For Netweaver Applications, configuring a map provider is done in a standard way. See Configuring or changing a map provider in SAP Visual Business for more information.

See also Map Server URL Configuration and examples for URL scheme of different map providers:

See here a document describing HERE (fromerly Nokia, NAVTEQ) maps configuration.

See here a document describing Openstreetmap maps configuration.

 See here a document describing the ALK (PC*Miler) Maps.

See here a document describing the PTV Maps.

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