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Visual Enterprise Viewer (VEV) is a free 3D visualization viewer for Windows. VEV allows collaboration, analytics, as well as assembly and maintenance work instructions to be delivered in interactive real-time 3D. VEV can run Standalone, in HTML, in MS Office, and or embedded in a variety of SAP Solutions. (Hardware accelerated graphics is recommended for complex 3D content.)

You can download Visual Enterprise Viewer for Windows from the SAP Store, or our new simplified download site.

Look for iPad Mobile version available on iTunes as well.


SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer is free to use.

Installation Guides:

For more information, see  Viewer Administration Guide  on the Help Portal.


To download SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer for Windows and Mobile Devices, please go to the SAP Store . Please search on SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer (Windows).

Installation Preconditions:

SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer 9.0 is currently available for download here.

The minimum hardware and software requirements for operating SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer are listed in the Viewer Administration guide, which is available here.

SAP Integration pre-requisites
  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer 7.1 or above   Enhancement Package SAP GUI Version 7.2 and above The Viewer Integration   framework is available in the following releases of ERP 6.0:
    • EHP5 SP10 and above
    • EHP6 SP07 and above
    • EHP7 SP01 and above
Mobile Availability

SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer is also available for the iPad. Click here for details .



  1. I am running Version of the viewer, The 3D performance is very good, however the 2D performance displaying TIF files is very poor. Any suggestions on how to improve that? 

  2. Hi Alex,
    Please log an incident including a sample file so that we can investigate. 
    thank you,

  3. Former Member


    Currently a group admin policy file (SandBox.adm) is provided with the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer installation. Is it possible to get an 'admx' version of this file?

    Best Regards


  4. Former Member

    Are there any customer success stories or whitepapers available for SAP Visual Enterprise? 

  5. Simplified download link above has 9.2 version,could you please add the 9.3?


  6. Hi all, did anybody try to install/enable the SAP sidepanel integration for the viewer. Our use case is to see 3D-files assigned to a technical object (plant maintenance)?

  7. HI Michael,

    You can follow the steps in the attached installation guide to embed sidepanel in a technical object page.