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  1. VDS v3.1. New or updated VDS features:
    • Callouts
    • Callouts Lists
    • Rich text
    • Steps Advanced Settings
    • Notes
    • Billboarding
    • Major/Minor versions
    • Save/Overwrite dialog
    • Single Visual Work Instructions & Mobile Layout
  2. Measurements UI update
    • ŸNew Arrowhead setting: inward or outward
    • ŸAbility to hide units
    • ŸNew degree symbol option
  3. The Callouts Profile dialog UI Update. Dialog UI updated to resolve inconsistencies and better preview added.
  4. Double click to open file. Added setting to allow user to choose desired behavior, open files by single click or by double click.
  5. Camera Target representation. Added special primitive to represent camera target, now user can select it from the scene.
  6. File Formats updates
    • Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 support added

    • Autodesk Maya 2015 support added
  7. CAD format updates
  • PLMXML referencing JT files - export and import ( VEA & VEG)
  • JTPMI module :Import option update and Export option added
  • Creo Neutral PMI (part files only ) support: Import PMI option has been added.
  • NX import option update: Removed redundant “Import configuration”
  • CATIA V5 import option update: Added ‘Import Hidden Metadata’ option to part and assembly
  • CATIAV5 Drawing format : import option update: Added ‘Import Hidden Drawings’ & ‘Display Hidden Drawings’.
  • JT import option update: Removed ‘Regenerate Meshes” option from “import Spline, surfaces & solids”.
  • CATIA V5 R24 SP03 support
  • Inventor 2015 support (solid/quick view import option), requires Inventor 2015 Viewer for quick view mode.
  • SolidEdge ST7 support
  • JT version 10 support


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