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  1. SAP ECTR interface. 

    SAP Engineering Control Center is SAP’s platform to integrate authoring tools. It provides rich Document Management capabilities together with authoring tool integration capabilities. For SAP ECTR please refer also to

  2. AutoCAD Floor Plan conversion for SAP RE-FX integration. 
  3. UX Improvements
    • Save for Import and Export properties. File formats Import and Export properties could be saved to the external XML file and loaded back.
    • Resize of Import and Export properties dialogs. Import and Export properties dialogs could be resized by right bottom corner.
  4. CAD formats updates
    • Creo 3.0 Support

    • JT Reader V10 support for Viewer

    • SolidWorks 2015 support 

    • STEP .z support (Import and Export of compressed STEP files with extensions *.stpZ, *.stpz, *.stp.z, *.STP.Z )

    • CATIA V5 import option update  (Added ‘Import Sketch annotation’ option to part and assembly)


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