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  1. New Replace Selection command. New command into the Context Menu (right mouse clock on selected object(s) in viewport) :   Tools | Replace Selection. When clicked, opens "File Open" dialog where user select file and then simply execute existing Replace command.
  2. Snap Rotation - when holding Shift: 15 degree increment
  3. Move Pivot Point command and Rotate Pivot Points buttons are removed from the 3D Editor Toolbar. These commands still could be found in Tool Assistant menu if needed

  4. Forced Axis constrains to the manipulators for Move, Rotate and Scale Tools. Only relevant manipulators are enabled when constrains are set.

  5. New ‘Insert Key’ command. Purpose of this command is to create animation key frame and record current position, rotation or scale.

    Note: this functionality could be used bot both:
    - Adding objects into animation snapshots
    - Record objects states when creating complex animations.

  6. AutoCAD 2015 Architectural Edition supported


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