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UX improvements

  • Selection Lock mode

Selection Lock Toggle button turns selection locking on and off. When selection is locked, user can click or drag the mouse anywhere in the viewports without losing selection. To deselect something or add selection, use Ctrl + Selection.

 Locking the selection prevents user from inadvertently selecting something else in a complex scene or loosing selected objects/meshes.

  • Camera Movement Undo

The intent of this feature is to allow user to return camera view back when working with complex assembly.

Undoing camera movement is tracked separately than undoing anything else in the VE Author. Every camera view which stays still for 2 seconds, placed into the Undo queue for the camera movements.

Keyboard shortcuts :

Shift+Z to Undo camera movements
Shift+Y to Redo camera movements

  • Camera Update in Steps

This command updates camera of selected step(s) with current camera view. So user can easily adjust initial view in a selected step or make consistent camera view in all steps.

  • Update Snapshot command

This command improves usability of snaphots.

Instead of automatic update of active snapshot when objects are moved by user (which is not obvious and could lead to broken snapshot),

The Snapshots update command explicitly updates active snapshot when user chooses to do so.

  • Renumerate Steps

When authoring large amount of steps, it is very difficult to change steps numbers after re-ordering or reversing Steps in Procedure.

The Renumerate Steps command goes through each step starting from the beginning, removes all tail numbers and adds new numbers staring from 1.
Some steps don’t need number, like ‘Safety step’ or ‘preparation step’.
So if user has renamed step and removed number, its name not changed.

  • Add/Replace Callout prompt

This functionality improves usability of callouts.

When user adds new callout and there is existing callout on that part. VE Author prompts dialog and ask user whether he want to create new callout or replace existing one. 

CAD updates

SolidWorks 2016 support:

  • ŸSolidWorks 2016 support for ‘Quick view Approach
  • ŸSolidWorks 2016 support for Solidworks drawing files.
  • ŸSolidWorks 2016  support with Datakit library


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