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The purpose of this Wiki space is to bring together related information for the SAP Visual Enterprise Product Applications Suite.


Accelerate decision making, optimize productivity, and improve quality – with software that integrates 3D visualization and business data across your value chain. With SAP Visual Enterprise applications, you can remove the obstacles that have inhibited communication between your lines of business and your customers and partners.

Latest News

June 24th 2016: SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Version 9.0 is now released for Early Adopter Care customers.
Click on the image below for more information on Visual Enterprise V9.

If you are interested in being an early adopter of Visual Enterprise 9, please follow this link:  Early Adopter Care program



  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Generator 
    • Translate nearly any 3D CAD file into a lightweight format for downstream usage. Support specific work processes in engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance.
  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Access
    • SAP Visual Enterprise Access is an easy-to-use Web site tool to search for, view, manage and utilise 2D, 3D, and CAD assets by various attributes including managing by metadata
  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author
    • Create 3D animations and render rich visual content into common desktop documents, file formats, and business applications for secure downstream use.
  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer 
    • Viewer to interact with authored and published content. This end-user tool is lightweight, powerful, easy to use – and free of charge.
  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer SDK
    • Samples and tutorials showing you how to use viewer SDK.
  • SAP 3D Mobile Visual Enterprise Viewer for iPAD 
    • With the SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer mobile application, you can increase the uptime of essential products and assets and improve the utilization of your resources anywhere and anytime. This application allows assembly and maintenance personnel to interact with 3D data and animations created with the SAP Visual Enterprise product suite
  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer (embedded)
  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Link
  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Planner

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