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An area VO is used to visualize a closed polygon

CLSID          {00100000-2012-0004-B001-F311DE491C77}

The attributes of the area are the following:

typeNostringYes/Yes must be the above CLSID
idNostringYes/Yes specifies the id of the VO
datasourceNostring  path to a data node
posarrayYesvectorarrayYes/Yes boundary points of the VO
tooltipYesstringNo/Yes tooltip text of the VO
colorYescolorNo/Yes fill color of the area
colorBorderYescolorNo/Yes border color of the area
dothotScaleYesvectorYes/Yes1;1;1x,y,z only x factor is used to scale the radius
hotDeltaColorYesstringNo/Yes relative or absolute color value that is applied to all color values when the VO is hot


 when set, the VO should not scale
fxdirYesbooleanNo/Yes the VO does not rotate when the map is rotated.
DragSourceNoobjectNo/Yes drag filter information
DropSourceNoobjectNo/Yes drop filter information
ClickYes/Yesfired when the VO is clicked or there is a corresponding touch event on the VO
ContextMenuYes/Yesfired when there is a right click or a corresponding touch event on the VO
HandleContextMenuYes/Nofired when there is a click or touch on a design handle


For the area it is not necessary that the polygon is closed, this means, that the last point in the vector array does not need to match the first one.


     "id": "Area",
     "type": "{00100000-2012-0004-B001-F311DE491C77}",
     "datasource": "Areas",
     "posarray.bind": "Areas.PosList",
     "scale": "1.0;1.0;1.0",
     "color.bind": "Areas.Color",
     "colorBorder.bind": "Areas.BorderColor",
     "tooltip.bind": "Areas.ToolTip",
     "hotDeltaColor": "RHLSA(0;1.0;1.0;2.0)"

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