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The box VO is used to render a cuboid. In the HTML implementation the visualization is reduced to a rectangle.

CLSID          {00100000-2012-0004-B001-BFED458C3076}

These are the attributes of the box VO:

typeNostringYes/Yes must be the above CLSID
idNostringYes/Yes specifies the id of the VO
datasourceNostring  path to a data node
posYesvectorYes/Yes position of the VO
scaleYesvectorYes/Yes1,1,1scaling of the VO
tooltipYesstringNo/Yes tooltip text of the VO
colorYescolorNo/Yes fill color of the box
dothotScaleYesvectorYes/Yes1;1;1x,y,z only x factor is used to scale the box
hotDeltaColorYesstringNo/Yes relative or absolute color value that is applied to all color values when the VO is hot


 when set, the VO should not scale
fxdirYesbooleanNo/Yes the VO does not rotate when the map is rotated.
DragSourceNoobjectNo/Yes drag filter information
DropSourceNoobjectNo/Yes drop filter information
ClickYes/Yesfired when the VO is clicked or there is a corresponding touch event on the VO
ContextMenuYes/Yesfired when there is a right click or a corresponding touch event on the VO
HandleContextMenuYes/Nofired when there is a click or touch on a design handle


     "id": "CONTAINER",
     "type": "{00100000-2012-0004-B001-BFED458C3076}",
     "datasource": "Buildings",
     "pos.bind": "Buildings.GeoPosition",
     "scale.bind": "Buildings.Scale",
     "fxdir": "false",
     "fxsize": "true",
     "texture": ""

The texture is not taken into account.

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