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Generic Conversion REST API (8.0SP4 or later), known as "GenericConversionAPI", "ConversionAPI"

 This API is intended for the general use case where viewables are required, but they will not be stored either on the Visual Enterprise Generator server, or in an ERP system. For more information using this API, see the overview page or the API reference.



Default URLDefault disk locationDescription
<SAPInstallationFolder>\GenericConversionAPIThe endpoint used by all systems that will be using the Generic Conversion REST API. This is the base URL, calls are made to URLs relative to this URL.


VDI Web Service (8.0 or later), known as "VDI Integration", "ERPIntegrationService"

This web service is used when jobs are initiated by an external PDM system, via the Visual Enterprise Generator Upload Tool, or via an SAP ERP system when using SAP PLM with a select list of file formats.

Please refer to note 1945814 for the list of file formats supported by Visual Enterprise Generator.

Please refer to note 1694219 , attachment WebService VDI VEG, for the WSDL for this web service. The WSDL file is named ERPIntegrationService.wsdl.


EndpointDefault disk locationDescription
http(s)://<machineName>/VDIIntegrationService/ERPIntegrationService.svc<SAPInstallationFolder>\ERPIntegrationServiceThe endpoint used by all systems that will be using the VDI web service.


Standalone Web Service APIs (7.0 or later), known as "Web API", "VEGeneratorAPI"

These web services are used when Visual Enterprise Generator is used in Standalone mode. In this mode, visualisations are stored in the Visual Enterprise Generator database, and not in SAP DMS. 

Within the installation folder of Visual Enterprise Generator (e.g. C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Generator), the file Visual Enterprise Generator contains the WSDL for these two endpoints, as well as as a CHM help file providing documentation on the API methods available.

EndpointDefault disk locationDescription
http(s)://<machineName>/VEGeneratorAPI/VEGenerator7.asmx<SAPInstallationFolder>\VEGeneratorAPIDefines the APIs uploading files, downloading files and starting jobs, when Visual Enterprise Generator is in the Standalone mode of operation.
http(s)://<machineName>/VEGeneratorAPI/VEGeneratorMtom7.asmx<SAPInstallationFolder>\VEGeneratorAPIProvides APIs for transferring large binary objects to and from the server, using MTOM encoding.



ERP Conversion Web Service (7.0 or later), known as "DMS Integration", "ConversionServerV3"

This web service is used when jobs are initiated from the ERP system using the DMS_CONV01 transaction. Visual Enterprise Generator needs to be in Integrated mode for this web service to be of use.

The ERP system also needs to be configured with a logical port that connects to this web service, using the SOAMANAGER transaction. Please see the Installation Guide and Operations Guide in the help portal for more information on configuring Visual Enterprise Generator for this mode of operation. Also, refer to the Version Compatibility Matrix to determine which version of your ERP system is required to connect to your particular Visual Enterprise Generator system.

Please refer to note 1694219 , attachment WebService_Template_VEG_90.ZIP, for the WSDL for this web service. The WSDL file is named ConversionServerV3_WSDL.WSDL.

EndpointDefault disk locationDescription


<SAPInstallationFolder>\ConversionServerWSThe endpoint the ERP logical port will connect to.

 This web service is only intended for use by the ERP system, using this web service directly is not supported. 

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