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1. SAP Visual Enterprise Link is a tool which allows tagging 2D content with business data and making it possible to reuse in a variety of visualization scenarios such as parts catalogs, repair manuals, maintenance instructions, business analytics and others.

  • Load and save CGM files and support WebCGM 2.1/S1000D compliant features.
  • Open and convert to CGM major raster and vector formats (CGM, SVG, JPG, JPG2000, PNG, PCX, TIF, TGA, BMP, PDF, DWG, DWF, DXF, AI, DST, CATDrawing, EPS, DRW, SVG, SLDDRW, DGN, PDF)
  • Real-time rendering of CGM scene with supporting all WebCGM 2.1/S1000D standards features.
  • Scene navigation: pan, zoom in, zoom out, zoom to selection and zoom to extents.
  • Selection of graphics and overlays, area select, select all, unselect.
  • Basic operations on graphics primitives: move, scale, rotate, delete, copy and paste, change Z-order.
  • Creation of hotspots on embedded graphics or as overlays. Changing hotspots properties, basic operations on hotspots.
  • Entry of hotspots metadata in table like panel. Specifying metadata keys set.
  • Page properties, Scene Print, Preview in VE Viewer and merging files in to the scene.
  • SAP DMS integration, search documents, open and save files directly from SAP DMS


2. The SAP DMS integration is a shared component which is built into VE Author and VE Link. It provides direct access to the SAP DMS and enables easy to use operations with Documents and Files:

  • Searching in DMS for specific a document (simple and advanced searches)
  • Navigating documents structure, previewing attributes and attached files
  • Maintaining list of favorite documents
  • Files preview and edit operations
  • Creating new document
  • Adding new files to the document


3. Improvements and corrections

  • Single Visual Enterprise Author installer
  • DPI settings for raster export
  • Supporting hyperlinks for image notes
  • Metadata Panel: filter empty columns button
  • PDF Publisher: U3D settings option
  • PDF Template Designer to support Adobe Acrobat 11
  • VDS format to support Disable Measurements and File protection flags
  • Password strength indicator for VDS and RH formats
  • Sort Portfolio command
  • Several minor UI and core improvements


4. CAD format specific features and updates

  • AutoCAD
    - Version 2014 support
    - Scene tree restructuring
    - Import option optimized (Import option dialog changes)
    - Scene level metadata support
    - Block  level metadata support
    - Layer metadata (stored as description in VEA7.1 SP1)
  • CATIA V5
    - File version support update: R23 SP2
  • Inventor
    - Version 2014 support
  • MicroStation
    - Scene tree restructuring
    - Import option optimized (Import option dialog changes)
  • NX
    - Version 8.5 support
    - Assembly level model views support added
    - PMI / model view improvements
    - Improved arrangements support
  • Solid Edge
    - Version ST5 support
  • SolidWorks
    - Version 2013 support
    - Improved drawing files support
    - Multi-level assembly features support
    - PMI support (only dimension types)


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