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  1. VE Link: Improved Autodesk AutoCAD drawings (.DWG) import
  • Existing conversion DWG –> RH -> CGM updated
  • DWG primitives preserved in CGM with best possible quality
  • Converted CGM files have size less than original DWG files
  • DWG blocks transformed into CGM hotspot
  • Blocks attributes converted to hotspot metadata
  • DWG view choice on import

2. Minor improvements

  • VE Author: Parts panel options dialog updated: Options renamed in a user friendly way and logic in dialog improved
  • DMS Integration: new search setting: Enterprise Search or Database Search
  • VE Link: Metadata exchange with MS Excel via copy and paste
  • DMS: Setting to select type of search Database or Enterprise
  • VE Author: Steps description tabs support
  • 3D PDF PMI Flip label support added
  • 3D PDF PMI Association support added
  • 3D PDF filtering out model views referring to other BOMs added

3. CAD formats updates:


  • Solid Edge ST4 support
  • Solidworks 2014 support (solid/quick view  import option)
  • NX9.0 support
  • Support of explosion  views (NX format) NX feature explosion views are represented as modelviews in VE scene graph.
  • NX update: Import setting for model views have been updated with more options to filter model views associated with different level of scene tree. 
  • AutoCAD (DWG and DXF ) import update: New options added 
    • Use geometry primitive
    • Import Text as - ”Automatic” 
    • Allow font substitution
    • Import Metadata with option “Apply Filter"
    • Model View | Initial Zoom - Fit Page Size
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