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StreamWork is the first and only solution that brings together people, information, and business methods to drive fast, meaningful results (Learn More or Sign-Up).


The StreamWork Developer Wiki is all about how to leverage the open APIs provided by SAP StreamWork to either build own methods for SAP StreamWork or to integrate your own applications with SAP StreamWork to add collaboration features to them. In the Wiki you will find sample code and step by step instructions to get you started.


SAP-Internal developers should get in touch with Christoph Gollmick before they get started.

Getting Started



Method API (Deprecated)

The SAP StreamWork OpenSocial API is an implementation of the OpenSocial API (OpenSocial Core Gadget Specification 1.0) and allows developers to register OpenSocial Gadgets with SAP StreamWork. Gadgets that have been registered and approved by SAP StreamWork are added to the Business Tools Catalog and can be added to SAP StreamWork Activities as items. OpenSocial gadgets will not only run on SAP StreamWork but on any OpenSocial container.

  SAP StreamWork method development allows the addition of custom business methods to be added to the system through the method registration page. Methods can be built using JavaScript or Flash technologies. Development of new business methods centers around the relationship between the client-side JavaScript used to render the items, and the PBE Agent which acts as a middle man between the JavaScript and the SAP StreamWork server. The PBE Agent enables updates submitted by your JavaScript code on one client to be instantly displayed and available on other clients displaying the same method.
Get started with the OpenSocial API   Get started with the Method API.

Integration API


Feed API

The SAP StreamWork Integration API is a REST based web service allowing web, desktop, and mobile applications to connect to and interact with SAP StreamWork. This web service API allows applications to do things like create new activities, invite participants, add and retrieve content. You can also monitor the progress of activities by retrieving their activities events. Being a RESTful web service, each activity or item can be manipulated by changing the verb passed through the HTTP header. For example, a [GET] request on an item can return the information about this item, whereas a [POST] will post new item.   The SAP StreamWork Feed API is a REST based web service that allows appplications to use SAP StreamWork as both a feed source and feed aggregation engine. Applications can register as feed sources to SAP StreamWork to allow it to publish event and aggregate them with other event sources. The combined feed can then be consumed as a federated list of all event sources inside the SAP StreamWork web experience or as an API. The Feed API uses Activity Streams xml format for both posting incoming events and for retrieving a specified activity feed.
Get started with the Integration API   Get started with the Feed API

General Information

Process Flow for Developer

The process to register, develop and release development slightly varies for the different APIs SAP StreamWork provides. You will find the different porcesses on the page "Process Flow for Developer".

Review Checklist

Before a new tool is made available in the SAP StreamWork tool catalog, a developer has to submit it for approval by SAP. SAP will not do a full functional test of the tool but it checks that the tool is basically working. SAP will focus on the integration of the tool with StreamWork. To give you an idea, of what is being checked, have a look at the attached Excel.


Questions which we encounter frequently either in the StreamWork API & Integration Topics Forum or when discussing with developers are collected in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Connect to SAP StreamWork directly from SDN

If you're logged in to SDN, you can now easily go to SAP StreamWork with no additional login required. Use SAP StreamWork and its built-in catalog of coordination, decision, and analysis tools whenever you want to invite other SDN users to a goal-focused activity, like making a decision or planning a project or event.
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