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SAP's Browser-Based Development Tool for SAP Fiori / SAPUI5

 Version 1.53.1 of SAP Web IDE Personal Edition was released on 6/7/2017.  

SAP Web IDE personal edition is intended as a complementary IDE. It can be installed on a personal workstation for off-line development by a single developer.

You can use it in one of the following ways:

  • Evaluation - for off-line testing and evaluation only, under the same terms as the cloud version of SAP Web IDE within an SAP Cloud Platform trial account.
  • Production - for off-line development by customers with a paid subscription to SAP Web IDE on SAP Cloud Platform.

The personal edition may not include features of SAP Web IDE on SAP Cloud Platform, such as plugin/template development, consumption of optional plugins, Problem view, and building an SAPUI5 project.

Please note: SAP Web IDE local installation is now discontinued and it is no longer available for download. SAP Web IDE personal edition contains all the capabilities that were available in SAP Web IDE local installation and should be used instead.

Install SAP Web IDE personal edition

Download SAP Web IDE personal edition for Windows/Mac from SAP Development Tools

Download the SAP Web IDE developer guide .(PDF version)

The Installation and Setup section in the SAP Web IDE Personal Edition (chapter 10) will provide instructions on how to install SAP Web IDE personal edition.

If you are installing on Mac see Post Installation stepsfor Mac Sierra Users



The full SAP Web IDE functionality is available on SAP Cloud Platform, where you can benefit from the cloud capabilities and latest features of the trial and productive versions. This is the focus of the SAP Web IDE delivery.

For more information:



  1. i installed SAP Web IDE personal edition. and i am facing with this mistake:

    the script Component-preload is not created. is it normal ??

    1. Kindly create a question on with SAP Web IDE tag.



    2. I also send you the direct link where you can raise your question:

  2. Hi ,

    Can we use LOCAL WebIde installation for production purpose,  without a SAP WEBIDE license.


    1. No that is not possible. Like specified above, the SAP Web IDE, personal edition can be used for:

      • Evaluation - for off-line testing and evaluation only, under the same terms as the cloud version of SAP Web IDE within an SAP Cloud Platform trial account.
      • Production - for off-line development by customers with a paid subscription to SAP Web IDE on SAP Cloud Platform.

      More information can be found in our FAQ:


  3. Former Member

    We purchased 1 unit (5 developers) of the SAP Web IDE on HCP, however, we prefer to use the Personal Edition of Web IDE.  What are the restrictions, if any, of installing the personal edition locally?  If 1 unit equates to 5 developers in the cloud can our 5 developers each install the Web IDE Personal Edition for productive development?


    Thank you,



    1. Hi Ryan,

      You are correct - Each developer licensed for the SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE can also install the personal edition.



  4. if the customer has the SAP CP license (included Web IDE) and they don't use the Web IDE on SAP CP but the personal edition, do they need to register the user ID using personal edition in SAP CP? Technical point of view, I know I can use the personal edition without user ID of SAP CP.

  5. Former Member

    Will the "SAP Cloud Platform Application" project template, that is available for SAP Web IDE on SAP Cloud Platform, be made available for the Personal Edition, too?


    1. What exact template do you mean? The Full Stack Application for Cloud Foundry? I don't think it make sense to add this in the local IDE. If you need local development then HANA Express Edition might be an option for you as it brings also a Version of Web IDE but then also the runtime environment for your development that you later can deploy to the SCP.

    2. There are no plans to include it