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11701    15           CREATE for extended stored routine cannot contain statements after EXTERNAL statement.
11704    16           The specified option '%.*s' is not valid for this command. The option is valid for the LOAD TRANSACTION command.
11706    16           Time value '%.*s' in the %s UNTIL_TIME clause is not a legal value.
11707    16           Incorrect time syntax in time string '%.*s' used in the %s UNTIL_TIME statement. Correct format is month day, year hour:minute:seconds:milliseconds[am | pm]
11710    16           Subqueries are not allowed in a DEFAULT clause.
11711    16           The REORG option '%.*s' requires a value greater than 0 to be specified.
11712    16           You cannot specify a value with the REORG option '%.*s'.
11713    16           Index name is not allowed in UPDATE PARTITION STATISTICS statement. Use partition number instead.
11714    16           Partition number is not allowed in UPDATE STATISTICS statement. Use index name instead.
11715    16           Command failed: UPDATE ALL STATISTICS does not accept options.
11717    16           The quoted identifier '%.*s' is illegal because its first character is '#', which is ambiguous. Please use another character instead.
11718    16           %d is not a valid partition number. Partition number must be greater than 0.
11719    16           Error converting %d to IDENTITY_START value.
11720    16           %.*s' is not a REORG subcommand. The valid REORG subcommands are: REBUILD, FORWARDED_ROWS, RECLAIM_SPACE, COMPACT and DEFRAG.
11721    16           Global variables not allowed as defaults.
11722    15           The READPAST and HOLDLOCK object level locking options are incompatible.
11723    15           READPAST conflicts with AT ISOLATION LEVEL 3.
11724    15           Target variable '%.*s' may not appear in both the SET and WHERE clauses of the UPDATE statement, nor in any subquery of the SET clause.
11725    15           All result expressions in a CASE expression must not be NULL.
11726    15           A single coalesce element is illegal in a COALESCE expression.
11728    15           SELECT INTO cannot be used in an INSERT statement to pull values from tables.
11729    15           The name '%.*s' is not a valid local variable name.
11730    15           The PROXY option cannot be used in conjunction with other options in a SET command.
11731    15           Duplicate option has been specified to '%s' command. One or many options have been repeated.
11732    10           Warning : Ambiguous correlation names in the set clause
11733    10           Warning : Ambiguous table to update; Using the table specified in the update clause.
11734    16           The quoted identifier '%.*s' is illegal because it contains an embedded period followed by an embedded double quote.
                             Please substitute another character in place of one of these characters.
11735    15           You specified an invalid password option.
11736    16           line %d: You cannot specify this command in an 'execute immediate' context.
11737    16           You cannot specify outer joins in the HAVING clause of a query.
11738    16           Name '%.*s' is reserved for internal use by Adaptive Server. Please use a different name.
11739    15           The value specified for identity gap '%d' is not legal; identity gap must be greater than 0.
11740    16           You cannot use the GRANTED BY option to GRANT or REVOKE predicated privileges.
11741    15           Identity gap can be specified only for tables which have identity columns.
11742    15           language java' and 'parameter style java' clauses must be specified when creating sqlj procedure/function.
11743    15           CREATE for extended stored routine cannot contain statement '%s'; it can only contain 1 EXTERNAL statement.
11745    16           Function name '%.*s' is reserved for a T-SQL builtin function. Please use a different name.
11746    16           Unable to create access rule. Please make sure the row level access option 'enable row level access' is enabled.
11747    16           Java method '%s' has too many parameters. The maximum number is %d.
11748    16           There are too many aggregates in the COMPUTE clause. The maximum number is %d.
11749    15           %s must be the only statement in a query batch.
11751    15           The column '%.*s' in the outer query is not present in the derived table expression.
11753    15           The derived table expression is missing a correlation name. Check derived table syntax in the Reference Manual.
11754    16           Subqueries are not allowed in a COMPUTED COLUMN definition.
11755    16           Local variables and parameters are not allowed in a COMPUTED COLUMN definition.
11756    15           The column '%.*s' in the derived column list is specified more than once.
11757    16           You cannot currently create a temporary database; the multiple tempdb feature is disabled.
11758    16           The external name clause in SQLJ function or procedure '%s' exceeds the maximum length of 16383 characters.
11759    16           Number of partition keys exceeds the %d limit.
11760    16           Built-in function '%.*s' is not grantable.
11761    16           SET STATEMENT_CACHE ON can only be executed when the ASE configuration option 'statement cache size' is greater than 0.
11762    16           You cannot use a derived table in the FROM clause of an UPDATE or DELETE statement.
11763    16           Command failed: UPDATE INDEX STATISTICS does not accept a column list.
11765    16           Virtual computed column (%.*s) cannot have any constraints.
11766    16           Computed column (%.*s) cannot have NULL/NOT NULL constraint.
11767    15           UPDATE PARTITION STATISTICS is no longer supported, the equivalent of this command is:
                             UPDATE TABLE STATISTICS <table name> <optional partition name>.
11768    16           Index name is not allowed in UPDATE STATISTICS statement when a data partition name is specified.
11769    16           UPDATE TABLE STATISTICS does not accept options other than the data partition name.
11770    16           UPDATE TABLE STATISTICS does not accept database names.
11771    16           Default is not allowed for computed column (%.*s).
11772    16           Computed column (%.*s) cannot be an identity column.
11773    16           You have specified an invalid value %d as the optimization timeout limit. You can only specify an integer value from 0 to 4000.
11774    16           Command failed: Specify keylength for keyvalue option in %s statement.
11775    16           Cannot grant %s permission. Verify that the encrypted columns option is enabled.
11776    16           A column with the IDENTITY property may not be encrypted.
11777    16           Statement with location clause must be the only statement in a query batch.
11780    15           At least one of the options specified cannot be set to default.
11781    16           Encrypted column definition is not allowed in create table/existing table syntax in statements with AT location clause.
11782    10           The maximum number of reported syntax errors for this statement has been reached. No further errors will be reported.
11783    16           Number of list partition values per partition exceeds the %d limit.
11784    16           Must specify a value for the FETCH offset.
11785    10           Warning: Control characters after keyword '%.*s' at line %d are truncated. Maximum number of control characters allowed is : %d.
11786    16           Too long string literal.
11788    15           Command failed: UPDATE PARTITION STATISTICS does not accept the USING option.
11789    15           Command failed: UPDATE PARTITION STATISTICS does not accept the WITH option.
11790    15           %s cannot use a procedure name with '*' as the first character in the name.
11791    16           SET LITERAL_AUTOPARAM ON can only be executed when the ASE configuration option 'enable literal autoparam' is set to 1.
11792    15           You need to specify the instance name if creating a local system temporary database.
11793    16           Invalid parameter %d for %s builtin function.
11794    16           Can't use the OUTPUT option with CREATE SERVICE.
11795    16           The column '%.*s' in the XMLTABLE column definition is specified more than once.
11796    10           %S_MSG
11797    10           %.*s
11798    16           Illegal %s statement within a scalar SQL function.
11799    16           Illegal return type for a scalar SQL function.

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