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15502    10           Inserted row into sysservers table for cluster instance '%.*s'.
15503    18           Failed to insert row into sysservers table for cluster instance '%.*s'.
15506    18           Cannot synchronize sysservers table with cluster instance information. Try to synchronize using procedures sp_addserver, sp_dropserver and sp_serveroption.
15507    10           Deleting row (srvid=%d srvname='%.*s') from sysservers table as '%.*s' is no longer a cluster instance.
15508    16           Cannot insert row for cluster instance '%.*s'; there is a conflicting row (srvid=%d srvname='%.*s') in sysservers table.
15509    16           Current value of srvid column in sysservers table has reached maximum limit (%d). Cannot insert any more rows into sysservers table to 
                             synchronize with cluster instance information.
15510    16           Cannot insert row into sysservers table for cluster instance '%.*s'; length of instance name (%d) exceeds maximum limit (%d).
15511    16           instance id '%d' is out of range: '%d' to '%d'.
15512    16           instance name '%.*s' is too long for the '%s' request.
15513    10           add_server request: instance: '%s' instance id: '%d' cipc info: '%s'.
15514    16           cipc info '%.*s' for server name '%.*s' is too long for the add_server request.
15515    16           add_server: Instance with name '%s' or instance with id '%d' already exists.
15516    18           add_server: could not allocate cluster admin message from CIPC pool. cipcmsg_alloc() failed.
15517    16           add_server: cipc protocol '%s' for the instance does not match current cluster protocol '%s'.
15518    18           Failed to send cluster admin message.
15519    16           drop_server: Instance with name '%.*s' does not exist in the cluster.
15520    18           Error while handling CIPC messages.
15521    16           drop_server: instance %.*s is active and not shut down yet.
15522    16           Cannot drop the instance. The local temporary database resources for instance %d have not been released.
15523    18           drop_server: could not allocate cluster admin message from CIPC pool. cipcmsg_alloc() failed.
15524    10           instance '%d' sets new %s to '%d'.
15525    16           Incorrect value %s. The minimum is %d.
15526    18           Could not allocate cluster admin message from CIPC pool.
15527    16           Incorrect subcommand. Valid ones are: '%s'.
15530    15           Instance '%.*s' does not exist.
15531    18           Failed to initialize object coherency header at address 0x%p.
15532    18           Failed to initialize object coherency block at address 0x%p.
15533    16           add_server: Invalid server name - NULL Specified.
15534    16           add_server: Invalid CIPC Information - NULL Specified.
15535    16           add_server: missing net address for the %s interconnect.
15536    16           add_server: missing start port information for the %s interconnect
15537    16           add_server: missing end port information for the %s interconnect.
15538    16           add_server: Invalid or unsupported nettype '%s' specified for the '%s' interconnect.
15539    16           Invalid cluster_admin command '%.*s' is specified.
15540    16           NULL command is specified in cluster_admin. Please use a valid command.
15541    16           drop_server: ID Mismatch - The given id (%d) does not match the id (%d) obtained from the given server name
15542    16           add_server: CIPC interconnect host name mismatch - primary is specified with hostname '%s' and secondary with hostname '%s'.
15543    16           drop_server: CIPC node drop failed - Unable to drop the instance with id (%d).
15544    15           Instance %d does not exist.
15545    18           Fail to drop sysconfigures entries for instance id %d.
15546    10           Message originated on cluster instance %d with message number %d, severity %d, and state %d: %.*s
15547    10           node/cluster_cur should never bigger than node/cluster_max.
15548    21           Adaptive Server has been denied access to the master device by the I/O fencing subsystem. The server will shut down.
15549    16           Cannot drop the instance. First drop all the private devices owned by the instance %d.
15550    16           The sum, ( ((%s) + (%s) + (%s) + (%s)) / (%s) ) + (%s %s) + (%s) %s, must be no greater than '%d'.
15551    10           Assigned recovery of dbid=%d to csvr=%d, reqid=%d, map=0x%x.
15552    10           ERROR!! Failed to recover dbid=%d on csvr=%d, reqid=%d. Leaving the db in unrecovered/being-recovered state. pcmreply=%p, pcmmsg=%p.
15553    10           Successfully recovered dbid=%d on csvr=%d, reqid=%d.

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