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16000s - Utility Errors

No new error writeups yet.

16000    16           TEXT and IMAGE are invalid datatypes for columns of Virtually hashed table '%.*s'.
16001    16           Segment ID %d already has a virtually hashed table. Create a different segment.
16002    16           Status of segment ID %d doesn't have status bit for virtually hashed table set.
16003    16           Segment ID %d is not an exclusive segment. You can create a virtually hashed table only on an exclusive segment.
16004    16           Segment ID %d already has an object. You can create a virtually hashed table only on a segment that does not have any other object.
16005    16           Virtually hashed tables are not supported on this platform.
16006    16           You cannot set the max_rows_per_page attribute for Virtually hashed table '%.*s'.
16007    16           %.*s' is not supported on virtually hashed table.
16008    16           Job Scheduler is starting. Wait a few minutes, then retry the Job Scheduler command.
16009    16           The %.*s LDAP URL state is already set to '%s'.
16011    16           The utility command on the table '%.*s' cannot be executed because it is currently in use. Please retry your command.
16012    16           Cannot create a column reference to data in a local temporary database '%.*s' in a cluster.
16014    16           Sybase HA is not a valid option in ASE CE release.
16015    16           You cannot specify an 'out of range' histogram adjustment option at the same time as 'partition name', or other options. Only a list of columns (col1), (col2), etc is allowed.
16016    16           The 'out of range' histogram adjustment update failed. The column does not have any existing statistics.
16017    16           Cannot open database %d.
16018    16           The operation cannot be completed because LDAP user authentication has not been initialized.
16019    16           Secure LDAP is not configured.
16020    16           %s' is an invalid operation on the table created with 'for load' option.
16021    16           Failed to unpartition the table '%.*s' because the first partition is empty. Tables with 'for load' option must have non-empty first partition.
16022    17           The ASE PCI-Bridge is not able to process the requested dispatching. This is a fatal error, please contact your System Administrator (SA) for help.
16023    10           The trigger on '%.*s' will not be executed because it's an unlogged table. Execute ALTER TABLE %.*s SET LOG to enable it.
16024    10           This '%s' command failed to record its status in table '%.*s'.
16025    20           %s %.*s: command failed with status %d.
16026    16           %s: the requested column order (%.*s) cannot be used with the requested destination type (%.*s).
16027    16           %s: datatype %d (%s, column '%.*s') cannot be written using output file type '%.*s'.
16028    16           %s: value '%.*s' is not valid for option '%.*s'.
16029    16           %s: '%.*s' is not a valid %S_MSG for %S_MSG '%.*s'.
16030    10           Failed to open table '%.*s'. This command cannot record its status.
16031    10           Transfer %d of object '%.*s' is %d percent done (%d/%d), has sent %s Mb in %s rows.
16032    16           Invalid value '%.*s' specified for '%.*s' option. Allowed values are listed in the Adaptive Server Reference Manual.
16033    20           Cannot change the '%.*s' option due to an internal error. Retry the command.
16034    16           The '%.*s' option cannot be used along with other clauses of this command.
16035    10           This transaction must synchronize with a data transfer for table '%.*s'. The transfer is currently at page %u, but must pass page %u before this transaction may proceed.
16036    16           %s failed. In-memory database '%.*s' must be created with durability level %s.
16037    10           Warning: Database '%.*s' has a durability level of NO_RECOVERY; changes to it will be lost when you restart Adaptive Server.
16038    10           Warning: Database '%.*s' has a durability level of AT_SHUTDOWN; changes to it could be lost when you restart Adaptive Server after an abnormal shutdown.
16039    18           The transaction log in database '%.*s' shows activity requiring recovery. The database cannot be recovered, as it has a durability level '%s' and will
                             therefore be marked suspect.
16040    16           %s failed. The durability value specified for database '%.*s' is invalid. For a database with %s, the only durability levels allowed are one of %s.
16041    10           The database '%.*s' with durability 'AT_SHUTDOWN' could not be shut down properly and will not be recovered when Adaptive Server is re-started.
16042    16           %s is not allowed for database '%.*s' which is at durability level %s.
16043    16           The option '%.*s' cannot be used for %s databases or for objects in %s databases.
16044    16           The option '%.*s' cannot be used for system tables.
16045    16           The option '%.*s' cannot be used for tables with referential integrity constraints.
16046    10           Database '%S_DBID' with durability '%s' has active transactions, and will be marked as suspect following the restart of Adaptive Server.
16047    16           %s failed. Database '%.*s' is of type %s, and the only durability allowed for such databases is %s.
16048    16           %s failed. Database '%.*s' at durability %s has one or more database options which prevent changing the durability to '%.*s' .
                             Retry the command after turning off these options: '%s'.
16049    10           Warning: The database '%.*s' is assigned the %s property, which will be ignored, because the database has a durability of %s.
16050    16           %s: option '%.*s' is not valid for this transfer.
16051    10           Warning: At least one table in the database '%.*s' is assigned the %s property, which will be ignored, because the database has a durability of %s.
16052    16           Cannot change the %s option of the database '%.*s' because the database is in use. Retry the command when there are no users in the database, or use
                             sp_dboption '%.*s', '%s', 'true' to put the database in '%s' mode.
16053    16           The command '%s' with property '%s' is currently not supported in Adaptive Server Cluster Edition.
16055    16           %s for database '%.*s' failed. A database must have a durability of FULL in a high-availability environment.
16056    20           TRANSFER TABLE not supported for tables with off-row columns, including text, unitext, image, and most Java columns.
16057    16           There is no thread pool named '%.*s' defined in the system.
16058    16           You cannot rename the thread pool to '%.*s', that name already exists.
16059    16           You cannot create thread pool '%.*s', as a thread pool with that name already exists.
16060    16           You cannot modify the description of a system thread pool.
16061    16           You cannot rename system thread pools.
16062    16           You cannot rename the thread pool to '%.*s', as that is a reserved name for system thread pools.
16063    16           You cannot run '%s' affecting %S_MSG '%.*s' because the %s license is either not available or has expired.
16064    16           %s: file '%.*s': file open failed with error %d: %.*s
16065    16           %s: file '%.*s': file write failed with error %d: %.*s
16066    16           %s: file '%.*s': file read failed with error %d: %.*s
16067    20           %s: transfer for '%.*s' is not permitted when receiving file is a pipe.
16068    20           %s: this command is not currently permitted on ASE CE release.
16069    16           %s: you may not transfer this data in to tables in database '%.*s'. When the transfer command is enabled under the %s license, the source and 
                             destination database cannot both be disk resident databases with full durability.
16070    10           Transfer in of object '%.*s' has received %s Mb in %s rows.
16071    16           Command '%s' not executed because the database '%S_DBID' is in %s mode.
16072    16           Threadpool %s is in use by an execution class definition. Delete the execution class before trying to drop the threadpool.
16073    16           LOB datatypes are not valid as an output parameter.
16074    16           The description of the thread pool cannot be more than %d characters.
16075    20           '%s' is not supported when the kernel mode is set to '%s'.
16076    16           A login mapping for the name '%.*s' already exists in this Server. Drop an existing mapping before creating a new mapping.
16077    16           You cannot alter '%s' for thread pool '%s'.
16078    16           The total number of threads across the engine thread pools exceeds the value of 'max online engines'. Either retry the command with a lower thread count or 
                             increase the value of 'max online engines'.
16079    16           Invalid thread count specified, the thread count must be greater than zero.
16080    16           Invalid %s, only integer constants may be supplied.
16081    16           Cannot find %d pages to create DHT on current database.
16082    16           Feature '%S_MSG' is not supported for dynamic hash table.
16083    16           You cannot drop a dynamic hash key definition ('%.*s') from a dynamic hash table.
16086    16           The computed number of pages for this request, %.*s, is too large. The maximum page that Adaptive Server can address is %ld.
16087    10           Warning: Failed to apply keypair regeneration setting on all cluster instances. Please retry your command.
16088    22           The fragment information string for dynamic hash table '%.*s', ID %d is invalid or missing from sysattributes in database '%.*s'.
16089    16           Invalid idle timeout specified. Idle timeout must be greater than or equal to -1.
16090    16           The '%s' thread pool attribute may only be set for engine thread pools.
16091    16           Key word '%.*s' must appear in the hash by clause when creating/altering Dynamic Hash Table.
16092    16           Column '%.*s' -- cannot use HASH BY on columns of TEXT, IMAGE, UNITEXT or BIT data type.
16093    16           Column '%.*s' -- cannot use HASH BY on identity column.
16094    16           Column '%.*s' -- cannot use HASH BY on column of Java-SQL class datatype.
16095    16           Column '%.*s' -- cannot use HASH BY on computed/encrypted column.
16096    16           Cannot set the GAM ('global allocation map') bits for dynamic hash table.
16097    16           CREATE TABLE for dynamic hash table: '%.*s' failed: insufficient memory to allocate backout structure. Raise the value of the configuration parameter 'procedure cache size'.
16098    20           Cannot get the last log marker for database '%.*s'. %s %s on '%.*s' has been rolled back. Retry the command later.
16099    16           %s %s on '%.*s' failed as it cannot find a unique index on the tabl

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