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16200s Omniserver Errors

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16203    10           Credential delegation not requested. No connection to server '%.*s'.
16204    10           Delegated credentials not available for this session. No connection to server '%.*s'.
16205    10           No security mechanism authentication attempted for connection to server '%.*s'. Using default authentication.
16206    16           Cannot create proxy table in an in-memory database, or map a proxy table to an object in an in-memory database.
16208    16           LOB cannot be sent as a parameter because it is not supported for this server class or remote server.
16209    16           Operations on in-row LOB columns in proxy tables are not supported.
16210    16           Operations on compressed columns in proxy tables are not supported.
16211    16           Merge statements on proxy tables are not supported.
16212    16           This command %s is not allowed for proxy database '%.*s'.
16213    16           ALTER TABLE statement has more than one action from ADD/MODIFY/DROP. This syntax is not supported in remote server.
16214    16           The optimizer could not find any unique index defined on table '%.*s'.
16215    16           Index compression related operation %s on proxy table '%.*s' are not supported.
16216    16           TEXT/IMAGE value cannot be sent in a positioned update query. Use WRITETEXT instead.
16217    16           %.*s is not supported at remote server.

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