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16500    10           Temporary database based on the specified soft binding could not be assigned. Assigning temporary database '%S_DBID' from the 'default' group.
16501    10           Temporary database group (groupid = %d) is not available for use due to insufficient resources.
16502    10           Failed to add temporary database (dbid = %d) to the temporary database group.
16503    11           Temporary database group %.*s does not exist.
16504    10           Currently, there are no active temporary database members for the temporary database group (groupid %d).
16505    16           Database (dbid = %d) is not a local user temporary database.
16506    0             Multiple tempdb PCM service call failed!
16507    20           Attempt to acquire the lock for cluster-wide synchronization of changes in temporary database binding or group configuration failed.
16508    16           Local temporary database '%.*s' is skipped for this operation. The database is accessible from the owner instance %d only.
16509    16           The database '%S_DBID' (dbid=%d) is not owned by the current cluster instance. To add the database to the list of available local user temporary databases,
                             execute the command on its owner instance.

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