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16700    20           Mismatch between the configuration file and the configuration used by the coordinator instance. Reboot the current instance using
                             the newly dumped configuration file from the coordinator instance.
16701    20           Attempt to dump configuration file failed at the coordinator instance. Use sp_configure to dump the configuration file from the coordinator instance.
16702    16           Total number of caches is different at instances %s and %s; restart both instances. If problem persists, restart the cluster.
16703    16           Named cache %s has different cache ID values at instances %s and %s; restart both instances. If problem persists, restart the cluster.
16704    16           Named cache %s has been deleted at instance %s but not from instance %s; restart both instances. If problem persists, restart the cluster.
16705    20           Configuration file not updated. Use sp_configure to create a new one.
16706    10           You are using an old version of the configuration file. The latest version of the configuration file will be extracted from the quorum device into file %s.
                             Please reboot using the new configuration file.
16707    10           The config file version hits the upper limit. It will be reset to 1.
16708    16           Failed to acquire the quorum file system lock.
16709    16           Failed to store the configuration file on quorum device.
16710    10           Failed to unlock the quorum device.
16711    16           Failed to get the inode structure of the configuration file on quorum device.
16712    16           Failed to set the config file version number on quorum device.
16713    16           Failed to extract the configuration file from the quorum device.
16714    10           The configuration file does not exist on quorum device.
16715    16           The replacement strategy for cache device %s should be 'none' or 'DEFAULT'.
16716    10           Larger buffer pools are not supported for in-memory storage cache. ASE will use the default buffer pool to start.
16718    16           The value of 'cluster redundancy level' must be less than the maximum number of instances in the cluster ( %d).
16719    16           Cache '%.*s' not deleted, because one or more devices still exist on the cache. Use sp_dropdevice to drop the device, then try deleting the cache again.
16720    18           Internal Error: Address lock for cache '%.*s' not acquired.
16721    16           The value of 'number of backup threads' (%d) must be less than the value of 'number of user connections' (%d).
16722    16           In-memory storage cache ('%.*s') not deleted dynamically. Drop all the in-memory databases using this cache, then try deleting the cache again.
16723    16           ASE detects that a cluster-wide static configuration option '%s' is updated but instances using this value have not be restarted yet.
                             Please shutdown and restart these instances, then join the cluster later.
16724    16           Creating a cache of type '%s' is currently not supported in Adaptive Server Cluster Edition.
16725    16           Internal Error: Failed to allocate memory for free list elements for the in-memory storage cache '%.*s'.
16726    16           You cannot enable HA because the database '%.*s' does not have a durability of FULL.
16727    10           Invalid number of threads defined for thread pool '%s' at line %d.
16728    10           The parameter '%s' has no effect in '%s' kernel mode. You can set the value, but it does not take effect until you change the kernel mode and restart Adaptive Server.
16729    10           You cannot decrease the '%s' parameter at runtime. The new setting will take effect when you restart Adaptive Server.
16730    10           Invalid idle timeout defined for thread pool '%s' at line %d.
16731    10           Invalid number of 'network threads' defined for thread pool '%s' on line %d.
16732    10           Attempt to set description text for the system thread pool '%s failed on line %d. Only user thread pools can have descriptions in the configuration file.
16733    10           The %s text for the thread pool '%s' on line %d is too long.
16734    10           Unexpected attribute for thread pool '%s' on line %d.
16735    20           Improper cache status or replacement policy for in-memory storage cache '%s'. Adaptive Server will shut down.
16736    16           You cannot make the size of the default pool of cache '%s' smaller.
16737    16           Changes to the 'enable granular permissions' configuration parameter failed. There must be at least one unlocked login with %S_MSG '%s' and at least
                             one unlocked login with %S_MSG '%s'.
16738    10           If you are using 32-bit ASE, please refer to the documents for the addressable memory limits before setting this option.
16740    16           Warning: 'Free Locks' pool on instance '%s' could not be grown with respect to the 'maximum total cache' configured in the cluster. Performance may be affected.
                             Consider increasing 'max memory' or deleting cache. Run dbcc showcache for more information.
16742    16           Buffer pool configuration failed on instance '%s'.
16743    16           Can not estimate the memory requirement for option '%s', since it does not consume any memory.
16744    16           Illegal value for dump configuration '%s'. Legal values are '%s'.
16745    16           Invalid dump configuration: Block size '%d' is invalid. Block size must be a power of 2 that is greater than or equal to the pagesize '%d'.
16746    17           The configured value '%d' for parameter 'kernel resource memory' is too low. It should be atleast '%d' for the present configuration.
16747    16           The '%s' configuration option is only available on the %s platform. This option is not valid on the current platform.
16748    10           The 'number of disk tasks' configuration parameter is '%d' but the number of disk tasks has been reset to 1 because the '%s' parameter is enabled.
                             In order to use multiple disk tasks you must disable the '%s' parameter.
16749    16           The number of file descriptors per ASE process required to support the configuration resulting from the value %d of the configuration parameter '%s' exceeds
                             the limit %d by %d.
16750    16           The maximum number of file descriptors per ASE process is calculated by the %s edition in %s mode using: %s.
16751    16           changes to console logging are ignored in the currently running server because HA is active
16752    14           Permission denied. Only users with permission '%.*s' can change configuration option '%s'.
16753    20           The %s configuration option requires cis rpc handling to be enabled
16754    16           ASE running in kernel process mode only ignores %s.
16755    16           Configuration %s = 2 is not supported.
16756    16           Adaptive Server is currently HADR configured and running as %s. The value of configuration parameter '%s' cannot be changed until this server is 
                             dropped from HADR group using 'sp_hadr_admin dropserver' command.
16757    16           Configuration %s is ignored. It is only valid on Solaris.
16758    16           The configuration option '%s' is currently not supported in Adaptive Server Cluster Edition.
16759    16           The configuration parameter 'max network peek depth' specifies the maximum number of bytes of pending nework input on a client connection that ASE is 
                             requested to inspect in search of a cancel request somewhere in the pending input stream.
16760    16           The 'user log cache size' configuration parameter is set to '%d' bytes. It must be '%d' bytes or greater when the 'user log cache queue size' configuration parameter is
                             set to '%d'.

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