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17400    0             The tables have no such seventh column or the columns are of different types.
17401    0             The tables have no such eighth column or the columns are of different types.
17402    0             New common key added.
17403    0             Common key definition already exists between the tables '%1!' and table '%2!' for the specified columns.
17410    0             Configuration option doesn't exist.
17411    0             Configuration option is not unique.
17412    0             Only the System Administrator (SA) may change configuration parameters.
17413    0             The value of the 'number of devices' must not be less than the number of active devices '%1!
17414    0             You can't set the default language to a language ID that is not defined in syslanguages.
17415    0             Configuration option value is not legal.
17416    0             Configuration option changed. Run the RECONFIGURE command to install.
17417    0             Maximum file descriptors or FILLM process quota too low to support requested number of user connections. Configuration variable 'user connections' will not be modified.
17418    0             '%1!' is an invalid file command. The valid commands are 'verify', 'read', 'write', and 'restore'.
17419    0             Configuration option changed. ASE need not be rebooted since the option is dynamic.
17420    0             Settable database options.
17421    0             No such database -- run sp_helpdb to list databases.
17422    0             The 'master' database's options cannot be changed.
17423    0             Usage: sp_dboption [dbname, optname, {true | false}]
17424    0             The database option does not exist or you cannot set the option.
17425    0             Run sp_dboption with no parameters to see options.
17426    0             Database option is not unique.
17427    0             Only the System Administrator (SA) or the owner of the database may set db options.
17428    0             You must be in the 'master' database in order to change database options.
17429    0             The database is currently in use -- 'read only' option disallowed.
17430    0             Run the CHECKPOINT command in the database that was changed.
17431    0             true
17432    0             false
17433    0             Database option '%1!' turned ON for database '%2!'.
17434    0             Database option '%1!' turned OFF for database '%2!'.
17435    0             The 'single user' option is not valid for the 'sybsecurity' database.
17436    0             You cannot set the '%1!' option for a temporary database.
17437    0             unique auto_identity index
17438    0             disable alias access
17439    0             You cannot turn on '%1!' for '%2!' because this is an HA server that has been configured with the proxy_db option.
17440    0             Database name not valid -- default not changed.
17441    0             You can't change someone else's default database.
17442    0             Default database changed.
17443    0             Error in updating the default database.
17444    0             Automatic login script for user '%1!' is disabled. Use sp_modifylogin to enable execution of auto login script for the new database.
17445    0             Cannot change default database since login trigger for user '%1!' is currently active
17450    0             Only the System Administrator (SA) or '%1!' can change %2!'s default language.
17451    0             This user does not exist.  Run sp_addlogin to add this user in.
17452    0             %1!'s default language has been changed to %2!.
17453    0             Error in changing the default language.
17460    0             Object must be in the current database.
17461    0             Object does not exist in this database.
17462    0             Things the object references in the current database.
17463    0             Things inside the current database that reference the object.
17464    0             Object doesn't reference any object and no objects reference it.
17465    0             The specified column (or all columns, if none was specified) in %1! has no dependencies on other objects, and no other object depends on any columns from it.
17466    0             Dependent objects that reference column %1!.
17467    0             Dependent objects that reference all columns in the table. Use sp_depends on each column to get more information.
17468    0             Columns referenced in stored procedures, views or triggers are not included in this report.
17469    0             Tables that reference this object:
17470    0             No such device exists -- run sp_helpdevice to list the ASE devices.
17471    0             No such device exists -- run sp_helpdevice to list the DataServer devices.
17472    0             Usage: sp_diskdefault logicalname {defaulton | defaultoff}.
17473    0             The device '%1!' is a private device. This operation is not valid for private devices.
17474    0             Device '%1!' is a virtual cache device. It cannot be marked as default device.
17480    0             Alias user dropped.
17481    0             No alias for specified user exists.
17482    0             Device is being used by a database. You can't drop it.
17483    0             Device dropped.
17484    0             No device with specified logical name exists.
17485    0             Device is not a dump device and may not be dropped.
17486    0             Can't drop the group 'public'.
17487    0             You cannot drop group because it owns objects in database.
17488    0             Group has members.  It must be empty before it can be dropped.
17489    0             Group has been dropped.
17490    0             Usage: sp_dropkey {primary | foreign | common}, tab name [, dependent tab name]
17491    0             Type must be 'primary', 'foreign', or 'common'.
17492    0             The table or view named doesn't exist in the current database.
17493    0             You must be the owner of the table or view to drop its key.
17494    0             No primary key for the table or view exists.
17495    0             Primary key for the table or view dropped.
17496    0             Dependent foreign keys were also dropped.
17497    0             You must supply the dependent table or view as the third parameter.
17498    0             The dependent table or view doesn't exist in the current database.
17499    0             No foreign key for the table or view exists.

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