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18000    0             No objects currently have auditing enabled.
18001    0             An object name must be provided.
18002    0             You must provide an audit option.
18003    0             Audit option '%1!' does not exist.  Valid options are:
18004    0             Audit option '%1!' is ambiguous.  Ambiguous options are:
18005    0             '%1!' is an invalid audit option string in this context.
18006    0             The third argument was not necessary; therefore, it was ignored.
18007    0             No databases currently have default sproc/trigger auditing enabled.
18008    0             '%1!' has the following default sproc/trigger auditing enabled:
18009    0             No sprocs/triggers currently have auditing enabled.
18010    0             A sproc/trigger name or 'all' must be provided.
18011    0             Object name must be qualified with the owner name.
18012    0             Sproc/trigger name must be qualified with the owner name.
18013    0             Cannot lock the last remaining unlocked SA account.
18014    0             This option specifies whether to create a new RSA key pair for every session.
18015    0             %1! must be a valid sensitivity_boundary label.
18016    0             The connection label supplied is an invalid sensitivity label.
18017    0             %1! must dominate %2!.
18018    0             New login configured.
18019    0             Must specify 'on' or 'off'.
18020    0             Account updated.
18021    0             Object name may be qualified with the owner name only; please don't qualify with the database name.
18022    0             Procedure/trigger name may be qualified with the owner name only; please don't qualify with the database name.
18023    0             The optional %1! and %2!  labels must all be non-NULL if at least one of them is specified.
18024    0             Object does not have any declarative constraints.
18025    0             Non-NULL labels specified in 'off' action.
18026    0             Illegal action command specified.
18027    0             Procedure remains in a non-executable state.
18028    0             Certified state modified for object '%1!'.
18029    0             The procedures label configuration has changed.
18030    0             No change, update failed with error: %1!
18031    0             This procedure can only affect thresholds in the current database.  Say 'USE %1!', then run this procedure again.
18032    0             You may not alter the free space or segment name of the log's last-chance threshold.
18033    0             You cannot drop user because user '%1!' owns thresholds in database.
18034    0             The sysaudits table already exists.  This table will be truncated and re-used.  Therefore, segment and device parameters, if supplied, will be ignored.
18035    0             Reserved Words Used as Database Object Names for Database,
18036    0             Upgrade renames sysobjects.schema to sysobjects.schemacnt.
18037    0             Found no reserved words used as names for database-wide objects.
18038    0             Found no reserved words used as database object names.
18039    0             Table qualifier must be name of current database.
18040    0             Catalog procedure '%1!' can not be run in a transaction.
18041    0             Stored procedure qualifier must be name of current database.
18042    0             Illegal value for 'col_type' argument. Legal values are 'V' or 'R'.
18043    0             primary key table name or foreign key table name must be given.
18044    0             %1! table qualifier must be name of current database.
18045    0             Cannot lock the last remaining unlocked SA login.
18046    0             Cannot revoke the SA role from the last remaining unlocked SA login.
18047    0             There is not enough room in the default devices to create the sybsyntax database.
18048    0             The sybsyntax database could not be created.
18049    0             Syntax Help
18050    0             Foreign key
18051    0             Primary key
18052    0             The class column will display the cursor name for locks associated with a cursor for the current user and the cursor id for other users.
18053    0             User '%1!' was granted grantable privileges by the following users:
18054    0             Table contains text/image type columns. You must specify the total length per row for these columns in the argument list.
18055    0             Procedure should be used on system tables only.
18056    0             Cannot re-create index on this table.
18057    0             The index with id 1 on sysobjects can not be recreated.
18058    0             Name of user-defined type name changed.
18059    0             Attribute id %1! is not supported.
18060    0             The database sybsystemprocs needs to be atleast %1!MB in size. It is currently at %2!MB.
18061    0             Installing system stored procedures in the sybsystemprocs database.
18062    0             Database sybsystemprocs of size %1!MB is being created on the default device.
18063    0             Done creating database sybsystemprocs on the default device.
18064    0             Cannot create database sybsystemprocs of size %1!MB on the default device because there is not enough space.
                             Please create this database elsewhere and rerun the installmaster script.
18065    0             Illegal fourth argument. Valid arguments are: 'access', 'trusted_invocation'
18066    0             Invalid third argument.  Valid choices are 'd', 'u', 'o', 'g', 'r', 't' or 'a'
18067    0             Clearance Level: %1!
18068    0             Stored Procedure/ Trigger does not exist in this database
18069    0             Access granted.
18070    0             Access revoked.
18071    0             Set curwrite to the level of table/column.
18072    0             Setting curwrite to data_low for updating syssegments failed.
18073    0             Set command failed. Set your maxwrite and minwrite labels to correct level.
18074    0             Curwrite label could not be set to the object level. Set your maxwrite and minwrite labels correctly.
18075    0             Set your maxwrite label correctly.
18076    0             Could not set curwrite to object level. Set your maxwrite label correctly.
18077    0             Set curwrite to the level of index.
18078    0             Set curwrite to the level of the object in systypes.
18079    0             Set curwrite to the level of the object in sysobjects.
18080    0             Certified state of object '%1!' has been set to 'Suspect'.
18081    0             Object name cannot be NULL if action is non-NULL.
18082    0             At least one of the labels must be non-NULL.
18083    0             Login account %1! has already been configured. Use sp_trustlogin to modify security profile of this account.
18084    0             A threshold at %1! pages for segment '%2!' is too close to the maximum size of the database. Because of this, the threshold will not fire more than
                             once per ASE re-boot. Modify the value using sp_modifythreshold to be between %3! and %4! pages.
18085    0             Object is not partitioned.
18086    0             Specified named cache does not exist.
18087    0             You must be in Master to bind or unbind a database.
18088    0             The target database does not exist.
18089    0             The 'master' database cannot be bound to or unbound from a named cache.
18090    0             The target object does not exist.
18091    0             The target index does not exist.
18092    0             Only logs may be bound to this cache.
18093    0             The specified source buffer pool does not exist.
18094    0             Not enough memory in source buffer pool to satisfy request.
18095    0             The destination buffer pool size must be a minimum of %1! kilobytes.
18096    0             Request will result in creating a source buffer pool less than the minimum of 512 kilobytes.
18097    0             allow wide dol rows
18098    0             Individual tables in a temporary database cannot be bound to or unbound from named caches. However, the entire temporary database may be bound or unbound.
18099    0             Usage: sp_setrepdb {true | false}

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