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Until ASE 15.7, data for large object (LOB) datatype like text, image datatype are stored off-row. Off-row means that
data for LOB datatype are not stored on the same page with other columns.
If you create a table with 3 columns - (create table test1 col1 int, col2 char(20), col3 text) and insert a row to this
table (insert into test1 values(1, "chicago", "this is a text") Internally, ASE will store data for a row on the same
page except for LOB. In this case values for col1 and col2 will be stored on the same page and there will be a pointer
in col3 on this page to point to a different page where data for col3 is stored.

ASE 15.7 introduces in-row LOB columns to ASE. This means that LOB data may now be stored in-row if specified by the user,
and if it fits within the data row. Note that for a given in-row LOB column, certain datums may be stored in-row
and some others off-row. Off-row storage for in-row LOB columns is exactly the same as pre-ASE 15.7 LOB storage
(in-row TEXTPTR) pointing to a chain of LOB pages).


Because data for text, image are always stored off-row in pre-ASE 15.7, if data for LOB \If your & paste the link of the space where you want your content to be published in.

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