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This WIKI page contains historical certification reports for obsolete versions of ASE, generally from before when SAP acquired Sybase.  The information is most likely of use for customers who are still running on older versions of ASE.  For the certification status of the current actively supported versions (ASE 15.7 and ASE 16.0) please refer to the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) ( .    


ASE Certifications on Mac OS X
Certification IDProduct NamePlatformVersionStatusCertification DateNotes
1090Adaptive Server EnterpriseMac OS X 10.412.5Certified2005-10-28Mac OS X 10.4.2 is the minimum OS level. ASE12.5.3 ESD#4 is the minimum ASE release required. Please kill the xpserver from the command line.  There's a known problem with xpserver consuming too much cpu on this particular OS level.  The issue will be fixed in a future release



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