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ASE Documentation Errata

ASE 16.0

  • Reference Manual Vol 1: SYSOBJECTS.  The sysstat4 table contains the values for sysstat3, explanation for sysobjects sysstat4 values is missing.  Internal Incident 1580004449
  • Commands Reference: DUMP and LOAD commands use of NAMED PIPES: "'Named pipes are supported as a backup device but, differently from normal files, the named pipe must be created externally before executing the DUMP command. The backup server will not attempt to create a named pipe."  Doc CR 815344.
  • Utility guide:  Preupgrade utility permissions indicate sa_role is needed.  It is actually sso_role that is needed.  Doc CR 815409
  • Commands Reference:  CREATE SEQUENCE.  The syntax specification incorrectly indicates a comma separating multiple parameters.  No comma is needed, only whitespace. Doc CR 815800 

ASE 15.7.x

  • System Administration Guide.      "enable compression" is documented as being a static configuration option; it is actually dynamic.



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