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ASE Error, Fault, and Message Writeups

This page is for writeups on errors, checkstorage faults, and messages that are new or have changes that aren't yet included in the ASE Error Messages and Troubleshooting Guide . Stubs indicate descriptions likely to be added here soon. If there is an ASE or Backupserver message you would like to see documented in more detail, please email details of the message and what you think needs to be documented about it to  If you have an urgent need for an explanation, please follow the usual channels for opening a support case / message.

Types of Messages  
ASE Server Layer MessagesNumbered messages, usually displayed in errorlog with "server", number, severity, and state values.
ASE Kernel Layer Messages"unnumbered" messages, displayed in errorlog with prefix field "kernel", but no number, severity, or state value
DBCC Checkstorage Fault Codes Fault codes returned by dbcc checkstorage and dbcc checkverify.
Backup Server MessagesErrors found in the backupserver errorlog.  Includes Backupserver, Sybmultbuf, and Open Server messages

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