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ASE Errors 16300s - Parser

New writeups: 16346.


16300    16           TEXT/IMAGE, UNITEXT and TIMESTAMP type cannot be a return type of a scalar SQL function.
16301    16           SQL function %s has too many parameters. The maximum number is %d.
16302    16           The return statement should be the last statement within a SQL function.
16303    10           Java is not supported in this ASE release.
16304    15           Specify the instance name only if you are creating a local temporary database.
16305    15           Incorrect syntax near '%.*s'. In ASE Cluster Edition, use 'shutdown cluster' or 'shutdown instance_name'.
16306    16           You cannot use an identity function in a SELECT INTO statement with the UNION operation.
16308    16           You must specify a password when creating [dual] master keys.
16309    10           Warning: CREATE ENCRYPTION KEY ignores an invalid key attribute specified, such as default, keylength, init_vector, pad, dual_control, or static key.
16310    16           Cannot create a partitioned Dynamic hash table/Virtually hashed table.
16311    16           Only allpages locking scheme allowed for Virtually hashed tables.
16312    16           for load' option is valid only for rounrobin partitioned tables having more than one partition.
16314    16           Incorrect syntax near '%.*s'. USE AS TEMPLATE is allowed only in CREATE INMEMORY DATABASE.
16315    16           You cannot create user thread pools that use the internal prefix 'syb_'.
16316    16           You cannot drop internal system thread pools.
16317    16           You cannot include the thread pool name in the WITH clause of a CREATE THREAD POOL statement.
16318    14           Cannot '%.*s' predicated permission. Verify that the predicated privileges option is enabled.
16319    16           Can't specify a dht-device in a CREATE DATABASE statement without also specifying at least one non-log-device and one log-device.
16320    16           Duplicate attribute '%.*s' has been specified.
16321    16           Integer value '%.*s' is disallowed.
16322    16           String value '%.*s' is disallowed.
16324    16           Hashkeyvalues cannot be bigger than %d bits.
16325    16           Cannot GRANT/REVOKE permission '%s'. Verify that the granular permissions option is enabled.
16326    16           You have specified an invalid value %d as the LOB compression level.
16327    16           An encrypted LOB column cannot be compressed, and cannot reference an compressed LOB column (column '%.*s').
16328    16           A computed LOB column cannot be compressed, and cannot reference an compressed LOB column (column '%.*s').
16332    16           Reserve rate '%d' is invalid; rate must be between 1 and 100.
16333    16           Cannot use '%.*s' in ''%.*s' option.
16334    16           You cannot define more than one column property for column '%.*s' using SELECT INTO.
16335    16           Expected row size '%d' must be greater than 0.
16336    16           A SELECT FOR UPDATE query cannot be used with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, HAVING, COMPUTE, UNION, aggregates, computed columns, subqueries or SELECT INTO.
16337    15           Option '%s' is not valid when used with '%s'.
16338    16           This %s command contains a '%s' clause together with clauses that require data copy. This combination is not allowed.
16339    16           The '%s' statement is illegal in the '%s' clause of the MERGE statement.
16341    20           Source partition (partition id %d) range does not match with destination partition range. Please retry the split partition with correct range.
16342    19           Move partition to segment '%s' invalid. Partition already belongs to the segment. Please retry the move partition with correct segment.
16343    19           The move partition command does not support moving multiple partitions in a single command. Please move each partition separately.
16344    16           The option '%.*s' is invalid in the current context.
16345    16           The HEADER and VOLUME LISTONLY options cannot be specified with any other LISTONLY options.
16346    16           The LOAD_SQL LISTONLY option is valid only if a stripe device is not specified.
16347    16           Syntax error. Alter Table command option 'with no datacopy' is not valid if 'drop column' is not specified.
16348    16           You cannot %s permissions on a hashed temporary object (object with a name starting with '#').
16349    16           Procedure number is not allowed with '%.*s' clause
16350    16           Invalid option for '%.*s' clause.
16351    16           In-memory, master and model databases cannot be encrypted or decrypted.
16352    16           Operations related to Single Instance Databases are available only on ASE Cluster Edition.

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