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ASE Kernel Layer Messages

Infected with 4
Infected with 8
Infected with 10
Infected with 11

Message Number

Message Text

ASE Kernel Message 1621

Type '%c' not allowed before login.

ASE Kernel Message 110272

The configuration area in device '%s' appears to be corrupt. The server cannot continue and will shut down.

ASE Kernel Message 120014

ninit: All master network listeners have failed. Shutting down.

ASE Kernel Message 240142

Timestamp for database '%.*s' is (0x%04x, 0x%08x).

ASE Kernel Message 300221The Adaptive Server Enterprise Small Business Edition does not allow you to set this configuration parameter to a value higher than %d.
ASE Message 290024Invalid column length: %d. Value must be between 0 and %d at offset %d for '%s' row with minimum row length of %d."





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